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#6092: Just about good enough to smear in your hair

So, last night I came home from work with a plan. Today I enjoy the fruits of that plan.

Step one: get the crock pot, and get the remnants of our last ham out of the freezer.

Step two: that 15-bean soup mix...where...? Crap.

Step three: go to store for 15-bean soup mix. Rinse beans well.

Step four: chop up an onion and green pepper and put everything into the crock pot, including the last of the minced garlic, about a heaping tablespoon. No salt--it's ham, it doesn't need salt--but about a teaspoon of black pepper. Enough water to cover.

Step five: set pot on "low" and go about business.

The ham was frozen; that was fine, as I was just going to let it go overnight anyway. Around 4 or 5 AM I got up to hit the can, and gave it a stir, but for the most part I left it entirely unattended.

Woke up a bit before 10 AM, fished the bones out, and served myself up a bowl. It's been cooling during the pre-blog surf (it was bubbling when I got up) though I've been dunking the odd bit of ginzo bread into it.

This really is a no-brain recipe, and all you need is a decent chunk of leftover ham (with bone) and a bag of dried beans. Mom's recipe was meant to be a quick 20-minute meal, using a ham steak and some kind of soup stock (usually turkey) instead of water, but it adapted quite well to the crock pot. It takes longer, but it takes no more work. And the soup is better this way.

Today's result is this rich auburn-colored soup, full of flavor--a hearty meal for a snowy February day. And I'm having it for breakfast because I couldn't stand to wait.

I'll be eating more of it, though. Mrs. Fungus doesn't like it. *sigh*

* * *

Carbs can't raise your blood glucose if you don't eat them. Guy goes from a stunning 300 mg/dl to 90 in the matter of a week simply by cutting carbs from his diet.

Does completely cutting carbs suck? Yes it does. It means no bread, no pasta, no sweets of any kind. It doesn't mean abandoning all good food, but it does mean being a lot more selective about what goes down the hatch.

But it also means he doesn't have to take pills and shots and-and-and, only to still have all the problems that come with diabetes.

* * *

So, more plumbing last night, because the laundry room was soaking wet after Mrs. Fungus did a couple loads of laundry.

Two problems I could identify. First, the lint sock on the washer's discharge hose was full of lint. Exchanged that for a new one. Then had a gander at the sink, which apparently wasn't draining, and found that the drain was blocked with crud. Unblocked it; there was some kind of calcified gunk in the drain, and some linty-hairy gunk; I got it out of there. Then I pulled the trap apart to make sure it wasn't in the pipes (it wasn't) and also to chase down a drip from there. Reassembled.

So now we have a very slow drip from the sink trap which I don't really care about considering it's a bare concrete floor. The drain is clear and water runs out correctly again. The lint trap is new and shouldn't be turning the washer's discharge into a sprinkler.

Eventually I expect that the laundry sink will need to be fixed. The taps are frozen; I can't turn on either hot or cold water. The knob broke off the hot tap for the washing machine, so I must use pliers to turn it. There's some kind of mineral encrustation on the spigot itself.

$5 says the solution will be "learn to sweat-solder copper pipe" and/or install copper-to-PEX adaptors, along with installing a new faucet. The alternative is simply replacing the internal valve bits, which assumes I can get them out without destroying them.

But that's a project for another day.

* * *

It's snowing, and I can actually see snowflakes. As opposed to the last few times it's snowed, where it was coming down in nearly invisible powdery crystals.

Last night I was surprised to see that the ground had turned white. When I left work it was above freezing; when I got home it was still warm, and I expected we'd get rain rather than snow. Well, we got snow, and now it's snowing more. Tuesday is when they expect 3-5 inches of the stuff. If IDOT does its usual stellar job, the commute in will be a frigging nightmare and the commute home will be dreary. *sigh*

* * *

Holy crap was that soup good. If I wasn't full, I'd have another bowl.

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