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It just so happened--with weather delays and so forth--I was able to watch the launch of Falcon Heavy at the tail end of my lunch break.

Picture me sitting at my desk, elbows on knees, hands at my jaw, watching in rapt attention, mouth open in wonder.

The money shot, for me, was the two boosters landing simultaneously. It looked like something from a movie. But it was real.

Go to 3:30 in this video for the money shot:


And look at the pictures here. The first picture at that link became the desktop for my work computer.

Understand what this means: today's Falcon Heavy test launch was a complete 100% total success. It was flawless. It takes two Falcon Heavy launches to put up a Moon mission, but today's launch proved that the system works, and the successful recovery of the boosters means it can be done for peanuts compared to what NASA spent.

Although it's going to take time to sort out the details, we just got back our status as an interplanetary species. We can go to other planets again. The capability we foolishly pissed away in the 1970s, we got back today.

* * *

When I was a teenager, I saw a KKK protest march covered on the nightly news. There was a handful of creeps carrying signs, and the newsreaders gushed about how awful it was, blah blah blah, etcetera. It was the perfect example of why hate speech must be protected by the First Amendment: it reveals what total lunatics those people are.

The thing that made me laugh out loud was a sign that said, "RACE MIXING AND COMMUNISM ARE JEWISH". I know what the guy was trying to say, but it read like a mishmash non-sequitur.

Which is how it reads when someone claims that global warming is sexist. Heh.

* * *

He can own the gun, and he can own the magazine, but if he puts them together, he's committing a felony. The law is an ass.

* * *

Notice how incurious the press is about Massachusetts' sudden reversal on being a sanctuary for illegal aliens.
The first curious part of this spin festival is that the Governor is pointing out an inconvenient truth, to borrow a phase from Al Gore. Allowing the cops to hold an illegal alien for ICE was actually their stated policy when Barack Obama was in office. It only became “a bad idea” after Trump was elected. Funny how that works, huh?

But there’s also one awkward fact that the Governor can’t dodge. Last week Boston was presumably on the list of cities which received a rather pointed letter from the Department of Justice asking for proof of whether or not they allowed cooperation with immigration officials in the pursuit of criminal illegal aliens. A failure to comply obviously puts them in line for reduced or eliminated JAG grant money next year. And now we’re being asked to believe that the arrival of the letter and this proposed legislation coming only a week later are completely unrelated.
Funny how that works.

* * *

This makes quantum entanglement a lot more complicated, but it's not terribly surprising. Turns out that quantum entanglement can cross time, not just space. So your photon pair can exist at different times and still effect each other.

Time is just a dimension, so that makes perfect sense, but damn does it make things more complicated.

* * *

In California, your dog can be held for not having papers. But illegal aliens can't. The law is an ass.

* * *

One glitch in an otherwise perfect flight. The core booster crashed, and was not recovered intact. Even so--I don't think it's overstating matters to say that this is the day we turned our feet back towards the stars.

* * *

Apparently I'm not the only one wowed by the sight of two boosters landing, either.

I can't help but wonder about the viability of launching a rocket with four strap-ons instead of two....

* * *

So, it's snowing again. They're predicting that the total accumulation for the week, with all the predicted snow, will be about fourteen inches. Whee!

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