atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6098: Yeah, I stayed home.

All over the news they were talking about how the highways were moving at 20 MPH, and nearly every school within a 50-mile radius of the bunker is closed, and Mrs. Fungus was arguing strenuously with her boss to close their call center, so I figured that maybe it was better to remain home despite the fact that total accumulation in the Fungal Vale seemed to be about three inches.

Because Mrs. Fungus is a supervisor at her job, she's the one who people call off to; her work phone started ringing at 4:30, and then we were up for a while after that. after our alarm woke us at 8, we called off, went back to bed, and slept more.

Woke up just now with the beginnings of an epic headache, so I grabbed a meatloaf sandwich and a jug of Pepsi. The headache is receding, but looking outside I am very glad I decided to stay home, because since I returned to bed at 9 AM the snow has gotten considerably deeper. I got up at 10 to hit the can, and it looked about the same as it had at 9, but when I got up at 1--well, in the last three hours or so we've gotten a good four inches of the stuff at least. Around 10-ish the snow hadn't risen to the level of the front porch; now it's a few inches over that mark, and it's still coming down.

It was supposed to stop, they said, around noon.

So in a couple of hours I'll fire up the snowblower and get as much off the driveway as I can, in preparation for the snow they've predicted for tomorrow. *sigh*

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