atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6099: Wow, that was a lot of snow

Figure we got at least seven inches, maybe eight. The big snowblower--I think it needs its carb cleaned, because it runs a little weird--bogging down and almost quitting--when I engage the augur or the drive. That's not something I fancy doing, but I could if need be.

Mrs. Fungus and I went out to Culver's for some food, and the roads in the Fungal Vale were abysmal, to the point that I never took the Jeep out of 4WD and stopping distances were protracted. 30 MPH all the way, and it was still dicey when trying to stop.

Overall I believe I made the right choice, staying home today.

The snow continued at least until 5 PM, when the weather forecast had said it should stop around noon.

More snow expected Saturday, but not as much. We'll see how we do.

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