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#6100: Okay, that was good.

The barest dusting of new snow today. Drive to and from work were not slowed by bad weather.

Work was, as is usual for a Saturday, very briefly busy--until about 10:06, at which point the e-mails dried up. Recall please that I start work at 10 AM. I didn't get my first call until after noon.

But it's fine. I don't mind having slow days at work; what I mind is that horrible exhausted feeling I get, where my entire body aches with the desire to lay down, only I can't because I'm at work, and laying down is frowned upon.

It's still a million times better than the shithole.

I should have brought something to read with me. I don't think IT would help any, because since the last time I talked about it I read perhaps two pages. I just can't get into that massive pile; it's boring. But at the moment I don't have any other books to hand, and the ones that are handy I've read about a zillion times or are dead boring.

* * *

But it's Saturday night now, and tomorrow is Sunday--my regularly-scheduled day off--and I intend to spend it mostly doing what I want to do. I have a couple little chores in the driveway; the Jeep's rear exhaust hanger broke yet again.

I'm going to go buy a longish U-bolt, and use that to secure the tailpipe to the remainder of the hanger in back; and if that breaks, I give up.

Hoping to spend time on the old computers again, though. An hour or two, at least.

* * *

But I used my downtime today to figure out something that bugged me, periodically, for a long time. When I was very young, we had bits and pieces of some kind of slot car track laying around. Nothing like a full set, but some interesting bits, and there was a T intersection bit with a lever that changed which way a car entering the intersection would go, and there was a kind of icy pond thing, and there was a bit of road with a wrecked car on it. Never understood what that was about, but sometimes I'd get it out and piece it together and run my Matchbox cars over it. It all but disappeared after the great water heater disaster.

See, the house's original water heater, one day, just up and blew out, and the first anyone knew of it was when a friend of mine and I were going down into the basement. I stopped dead when I saw the water--at least eight or ten inches of it--then told my friend to go get my dad while I tried to figure out how to get over to the shutoff valve. Dad came before I could, and he shut the water off. (Until the day he died, he insisted that I and my friend were just "playing" in the water and he discovered the issue himself.)

Pretty much anything in the basement on or near the floor was utterly ruined. My late sister had her bedroom down there, so she lost a bunch of stuff to that flood; but then she cleaned up, and she threw away anything that got ruined. Most of that track went, along with a crapton of my toys that I'd left down there. (My Six Million Dollar Man toys, for example, which would probably be worth a few bucks today if they hadn't been ruined.)

So today I started researching it; Googe was no help at all, but when I looked on eBay, that's when I learned the name of the toy.

It turns out that the Ideal toy company produced, in the late 1960s, a line of slot cars and track called "Motorific". The cars ran on AA batteries, and the front wheels were steerable; the slot in the track steered the car around the track. Unless I'm totally wrong, this had been my brother's toy, and the set he'd had was the "Racerific" set. It seems to have all the pieces I remember, like the wrecked car etc.

Very nifty. There's a Racerific set with "most of the pieces" on eBay for a mere $99. No thank you. But at least now I know WTF was going on.

* * *

Recall that I said Kimi ni Todoke had 27 volumes? VOlume 28 came out in January, and volume 29 is due to be released in May. WTF that's a lot of KnT!

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