atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6101: We certainly have got a lot of snow.

The sundial is nearly buried.

We got a couple more inches last night. That looks like it'll be the height of the pile; Wed and Thu they're predicting above freezing temperatures and rain.

Meanwhile I need to go get a U-bolt and a few other sundries, but I don't have to do that right now. Soon, but not immediately.

* * *

So, the Mac SE won't be firing up anytime soon. Last night I dug into it again, and found that the hard drive is toast.

It spun up easily enough, but for its first minute of operation it makes this rather loud, rhythmic zee-tick-BUZZZZZ sound. Figuring I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to lose, I opened the drive up and found that the head assembly was stuck in the park position. I freed it up, then reassembled; that changed the behavior only until the heads returned to the park position on power-up, and then it did exactly the same thing. So, the bearings in the head pivot are gummed up, and there is no way to fix that without a clean room and a whole bunch of software I don't have.

People on eBay are smoking crack, putting obsolete 40 MB hard drives in questionable condition up for far too much money. One guy has an exact replacement drive for my machine, and he wants a mere $200 for it. That's the worst example--but we're talking about used hard drives, here. For $100 more I can get a brand new 18 GB Seagate drive.

...which, of course, would not work in the Mac, because Seagate is not Apple. Argh etc. Also, Mac OS 6.x.x wouldn't be able to cope with such a huge hard drive; at the time it was written 1 GB drives were still the domain of minicomputers and up. It's the thought that counts, though.

What I need is a SCSI hard drive, 20+ MB, Apple-branded; and then I need to find my Mac OS disks so I can put an OS on the bleeding thing. Then my Mac will work again.

My other option is to put the thing on eBay myself, as-is, and use the $50 from that for something else.

Oh well.

* * *

Today I took a picture of the bed, because when I woke up I had exactly a pillow's width to sleep in. This is a king-size bed, and I had about 24" of room. The rest was taken up by--in order from the edge of my allotment to the other side--cats, wife's blankets, wife, and at least 20" of empty space.

These are not the things they tell you about when they talk about being married.

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