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#6102: They always say the same thing.

Yep, the Luddites are coming out. Something as momentous as a giant leap in our ability to explore space is always accompanied by the kind of whining coming from the mewling turd quoted in that post.

I agree with the post's concluding sentence: "Sadly, the English language is simply far too limiting to get across the level of disdain and dislike I have for people who get paid to try to convince the western world to cut itself off at the knees."

* * *

You would think Obama could hire someone who knew basic anatomy. Unless, I don't know, Obama really does have six fingers on his right hand.

I can excuse the invisible thumb--it is just possible that a thumb may not be visible from certain viewing angles--but there is clearly a fifth finger on that hand.
Horrible art, btw, in both style and substance. All sorts of skewed perspectives, a cartoonish (i.e., African) color palette, and that try-hard deep thinker pose. So Fake. Has the Gay Mulatto ever had a facial expression that wasn't marred by a vapid smug affectation? "And unto this, Conan, destined to wear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow..." Yeah, no. Barry is not Conan. For one, Conan was less comically vain.
It's an awful painting.

The one of his wife is not any better, especially with the culturally-appropriated hairstyle.

Incidentally, the alleged artist who did this usually paints pictures of black women beheading white women in front of really tacky wallpaper. So, yeah.

* * *

Puerto Rico's electrical grid, neglected for several decades, is still arthritic. Big surprise.
In many cases, power workers are repairing equipment that should have long been replaced but remained online due to the power authority’s yearslong financial crisis. PREPA is worth roughly $4 billion, carries $9 billion in debt and has long been criticized for political patronage and inefficiency. It also struggled with frequent blackouts, including an island-wide outage in September 2016.
If you don't maintain your infrastructure, it costs a lot more to fix it when something gives up the ghost.

* * *

I have an idea: make them stay there. Black people want to get away from white people? Guess what, assholes?

* * *

Yes. Yes. Look, Eddie Van Halen is very good at playing the guitar. He might still be the best guitar player in the world--but that doesn't make him the best musician in the world.

I do love baroque (I think that's baroque).

* * *

Yep, me too.
Musk did this as a private venture and rented the launch pad at Cape Canaveral. This is in stark contrast to NASA's still unlaunched and non-reuseable rocket that was supposed to have launched in 2016 but instead has burned up 20 billion dollars of taxpayer money.
100% true.

* * *

Larry Correia fisks an article by some self-styled champion of the poor. What really gets me is this part:
Cooking is not just a trip to a grocery store. You need a basic set of cookware for starters. I've been on a $70 Tools of the Trade set for more than a decade, and trust me, it really wants to retire. You're going to need some knives for chopping, butterflying, mincing, etc. The low-end of those starts at $20, but they are absolutely essential.
My most-favorite knife cost me $5 in 1998. I bought it at an Oriental grocery store in Cedar Rapids. When I've freshly whetted it, it's razor-freaking-sharp, it holds an edge very well, and I use it for just about all my cooking because I do not have a better knife. When I moved to Cedar Rapids, Mom and Dad gave me a set of Chicago Cutlery knives that probably cost $80, but I never used them after I got this one knife.

Its older brother, bought for the same price, I rarely use because it's square like a meat cleaver, but it too is wicked sharp. When I was taking the knife out of the bag to wash it the first time, I accidentally bumped my thumb against the blade, and cut myself pretty badly.

You don't need to spend a thousand dollars to get a good knife--and generally speaking a good general-purpose knife is worth its weight in gold. Spend $5 or $10 on a good knife and you'll find that you don't need 4-5-6-7 different kinds of knife.

Correia's comments crack me up:
You swap vegetable oil for olive oil, water for stock or broth, table salt for sea salt, etc.

My grandma used to run warm water through a chicken and call it chicken soup. I don't think you've got a real strong grasp on what the word "poverty" means.

All of it in an effort to shave just a few more dollars off the grocery total, and all of it produces a slightly lesser version of what you're hoping for.

Yeah, using table salt instead of sea salt is basically like being water boarded in Gitmo.

* * *

Well: during some downtime at work I discovered that the tailpipe bracket on the Jeep is not welded to the pipe, but clamped on. So I can replace the broken hanger back there with an exact replacement costing about $15.

I wasted no time ordering one.

At the same time, I ordered another bracket, something I'd thought was too obvious to exist: a U-clamp with a hanger welded to it. That was $10, but I ordered one, because I should be able to use these two hangers to permanently fix the exhaust problem I've been having. The only thing I really need to do besides that is to get the right gasket for the flange between the muffler and the catalytic convertor, and the right nuts to secure that, and then I'd have a decent exhaust system without spending a shitton of money.

My U-bolt idea was a complete failure, by the way, because the u-bolt I bought was for the wrong diameter pipe; although I modified it to fit, I further could not get the strap over both studs and secured with nuts, and it was getting dark and I was cold and wet and THIS IS INSANE....

My half-assed fix fell apart, naturally, so tonight I wired it up with a piece of coat hanger. Ironically I expect that will hold longer than the metal straps did. The parts are due Thu or Fri, and hopefully I can put them in Sunday.

We'll see, of course, but here's hoping.

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