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#6103: It's time to give it a rest

Arse Technica the global warming resource bitching about an old satellite. The satellite in question monitors CO2 in the atmosphere, and has already lasted twice as long as it was meant to. Arse is bitching because Trump's NASA budget axes funding for a replacement.

The thing is, monitoring atmospheric CO2 is only really important if you think that human carbon emissions are causing global warming, as Arse does. If you do not believe that--if you look at the actual real science and realize that CO2 isn't driving climate change--then a satellite to study atmospheric CO2 is a boondoggle and there's no reason for the United States to continue funding one.

It's nothing but a stupid waste of money.

Related: they're claiming that sea level rise is "accelerating" but where is it? The graph shows that sea level has risen 70 millimeters since 1995. What did sea level rise look like before 1995? What is the average sea level rise per year going back to the beginning of the century? The article doesn't say; it does not provide any context for the claimed acceleration even as it admits that the satellite record is extremely brief. It only talks about what is shown in this record, with absolutely no corroboration whatsoever.

I get suspicious when warmistas very, very carefully do not provide any context for their bald assertions. I don't trust them anyway, since it's been demonstrated to my satisfaction that they fake the ozone data and the temperature data; faking sea level rise is just another adjustment to another data set.

* * *

This would be excellent. Instead of giving poor people money, give them food. Even if you were to FedEx the food to them, it would be cheaper than all the waste and fraud you get with the EBT cards--but honestly I think they should have to go stand in line to pick up their rations.

* * *

I am 100% with Kim du Toit on this point. That stupid start/stop nonsense is born of the idiotically high CAFE standards foisted on us by Obama.

* * *

I've seen this done before. Someone photographed a single argon atom, also illuminated with the light of a laser. But no matter how many times you see it, your mind boggles that you're looking at a single atom.

* * *

Well, got to go help the wife with her algebra. Whee!

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