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#6104: Uh...gee, and I didn't get you anything....

I don't understand why a girl would give another girl a beef heart for Valentine's Day. Pretty sure it's not a Japan thing--girls give everyone chocolate on Feb 14, and that cow heart is clearly not chocolate, because chocolate doesn't bleed--so I suppose the artist is trying to make some kind of point.

The recipient looks mildly horrified by the gift, which makes sense considering it's all bloody.

What I'm certain of, though, is that it is not a human heart, unless the human in question is a giant. That's from a cow, or a horse, or a bison, or some other very large animal.

That second picture--if that's meant to be a sexbot, it sure as hell doesn't look very cuddly. Too many pinch points.

* * *

Greenland ice melt caused by vulcanism, not global warmenation. Oh well.

But #1 on the list is telling, too:
The total [capacity] for all "renewables" [in Germany] is 83.8 GW -- a figure higher than the peak demand of 83.3 GW. [This sounds good, b]ut, then there's also the fossil fuel and "conventional" capacity of 108.4 GW. That's essentially the same amount you would have if you had no wind or solar capacity at all.¹ To put it another way, despite having built what would seem to be enough wind and solar capacity to supply all the electricity needs of the country, they have not been able to get rid of any of their fossil fuel generation capacity. They need all of it as back-up for when the wind and solar go dead.
Emphasis mine. In other words, Germany's "renewable" power generation has to be backstopped by "conventional" sources of electricity. This ends up raising the cost of power, because instead of having one robust source of power, you have one variable source backstopped by another robust source.

The result being, of course, that chasing the nebulous goal of being "emissions free" ends up instead eliminating no emissions, and costs a crapton more.

Waste of money. Waste of effort.

* * *

Predictably, the left is freaking out over Trump's proposal to give poor people food instead of money to buy food. You know why? Because then people receiving assistance can't go to the grocery store, buy all kinds of junk food, then sell that out of a "store" on their front porch, thus converting it into cash they can use to buy liquor, cell phones, and tattoos.

* * *

The American media is incontinent over its admiration for North Korea. Because the left never met a dictator it didn't like, never saw a dictatorship it didn't want America to emulate.
What is wrong with you people? I look around and I don’t see any concentration camps. All the people criticizing and vilifying the President and Vice President? None of them are being rounded up. None of you are afraid to speak up, and you’re entirely justified in that lack of fear because there are no violent purges happening. There is no Reichstagg Fire. There is no Night of Long Knives. You speak in full confidence that you do so in safety.

And you gush over the North Korean Minister of Propaganda? A regime that does have concentration camps, that does purge political opponents (not even enemies, just opponents), that arrests and imprisons people for wrongspeech, for wrongthought, That tortures a young man to death for stealing a poster?

What. is. wrong. with. you?
What is wrong with the left is that they hate freedom. They love the NK Minister of Propaganda because feminism and marxism, and because they envy her ability to make people do what she wants. Given the power, the left would crush the United States under its heel and make it a gigantic prison camp like North Korea but with better plumbing. (For as long as that lasted.)

Anyone--everyone--on the left cheers that goal onward.

* * *

It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Buy a boat and live aboard it and sail the world! But it's not something you do on a whim, and if you're a novice sailor you really don't do that.

You certainly don't do it in a 50-year-old boat, one that's only 28 feet long, that hasn't been surveyed.

I could write more on this, but errands beckon; and anyway Denninger says it all.
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