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#6105: These are the movies we should have had.

John C. Wright lays out what the two latest Star Wars movies should have been like. *sigh*

* * *

This is excellent. Mentally change "trans woman" to "fake woman" the same way you mentally change "undocumented immigrant" to "illegal alien".

* * *

It is a very hard thing to listen to people espouse on topics about which they know nothing, and yet say nothing to correct them.

Bunch of people at work today blathering about how the Florida school shooting could have been stopped if this or that or the other completely unconstitutional thing was done. "No one needs an AR-15 in Florida!" "That's a big gun! I could see him having a little pistol." "When he posted on Facebook they should have arrested him then." "There should be background checks!"


I simply used the same restraint that keeps me from jumping to my feet and yelling back at TV commercials (most of the time). It was a mighty struggle, but I emerged victorious.

Good sense on why and how these things happen.

* * *

Today when I left for work, I was driving in IFR conditions.

Visibility was virtually nonexistent; I estimate that I had 300 feet of visibility, but that is a generous estimate. It was probably more like 200.

It was so bad I was trying to figure out if it qualified as "severe fog". I don't even know if they classify fog that way, but it was for damn sure the thickest fog I ever drove in.

Having recently seen a video showing a massive pile-up on I-35 in Iowa, I drove carefully until I got to I-80 and things cleared a bit. 45 MPH in the right lane with my hazards on. It was that bad.

The snow is melting very quickly. Not sad about it. I'm just hoping Sunday is reasonably dry so I can fix the Jeep's exhaust system; the parts I ordered Monday came today.


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