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#6106: NOW WHAT

Got to work on time this morning. Logged in and went ready exactly at 10:00 AM.


Usually, the instant I go ready, bang there's an e-mail to deal with. Even on Saturdays; there may not be many e-mails waiting, but there are a few. Last week, for example, I had cleared the e-mail queue in about ten minutes. Not today! It was almost an hour before my first interaction of the day.

It proceeded to be an epic slow day. What was it, seventeen interactions, mostly phone, mostly repeats. Twice from a truck driver who didn't understand that a particular warehouse is completely closed on Saturdays. Some four calls about an ongoing warehouse issue which recurs every Saturday. And so on.

On the plus side, I got a few new pages of Chicory laid out. Huzzah etc.

ADDENDUM: Six, to be exact. Holy crap. END ADDENDUM

* * *

So, if you want to stop school shootings like the recent one in Florida the FBI is the place to start. So the FBI was warned five months ago--that would be October--and they did nothing. Too busy trying to bring down Trump to, I don't know, do their freaking job. Besides that, the local police were called to the kid's house more than three dozen times.

This rather neatly removes this case from the "out of the blue" category.

This shooting didn't happen because of easy access to guns or video games or SSRIs; it happened because of law enforcement not doing its fucking job.

* * *

A disarmed populace is very easy to control. You can stomp as many faces as you like if the proles don't have firearms. That's why the left is so anti-gun: not because they give a rat's ass about saving lives, but because they want to control lives.

* * *

The other day I had a nightmare about nuclear war. The following night I had a dream that I was attending a production with a buffet, and the new avant-garde thing was to serve a dish made with human meat. There'd been another show Mrs. Fungus and I had seen where they did that.

Anxiety dreams. Whee!

But it' Saturday night, and tomorrow is Sunday, and I don't have to worry about work until 8 AM Monday morning. Off to Azeroth to hack stuff!

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