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#6111: As usual, all they have is lies and deceit

In the wake of the school shooting in Florida, the leftists have ramped up their propaganda machine, and there are various things circulating which are outright lies.

Like this, from a 20-year-old that some douche at CNN has been parading around, who claims that he was able to buy an AR-15 "in 5 minutes with an expired ID", but in fact all the kid did was to go into the store, talk with the storekeeper, pose with a gun, and leave without buying the claim, on Twitter, that he did in fact buy the gun.

CNN douche: "Isn't the point that the kid's age and lack of ID wasn't a deterrent?" A deterrent to what, exactly?

You know, a teenager can go into any store in the US and pick up a bottle of Jack Daniel's and carry it around the store, and even have his friend snap pictures of him holding it up...but what he can't do is to buy the whiskey, not if the cashier does his job and asks the kid for ID before selling the whiskey. But we're not going to ban the sale of whiskey based on photos of idiot kids posing with bottles of same in the store.

AoSHQ's morning rant has more. The "states where you can vote" one, for example. It's correct if you change the word "vote" to be the same color as the map of the US, though.

* * *

When trying to write "AR-15", why do I automatically type "AK-47" instead? They're completely different firearms.

* * *

The NOAA continues to adjuster and fiddleate the temperature data to prove global warming. Massive sudden cold snap this winter, but they're trying to erase it.

Okay, 3.1°F is not an adjustment but outright fraud.

Borepatch also comments on this.

It's why I never refer to climatology as a science, except ironically; what climatologists do is not science.

* * *

I'm going to say this again. Want to lower the voting age to 16? That's fine, as long as we also lower the age to:
Be exempt from the requirement to attend school
Serve in the military
Buy alcohol
Buy firearms, INCLUDING handguns
Own property
Enter into contracts
Pose nude and/or act in "adult" films
Get married
...and do anything and everything that is currently restricted to ages older than 18 or 21. If you're responsible enough to vote, you're responsible enough to do all that other stuff.

All those things should be tied together. I honestly don't care what the voting age is, as long as that's considered "age of consent" for all purposes. You can make it 10, 19, 34, whatever you like...but it's got to be across the board.

Because if you are not responsible enough to handle firearms or buy beer, guess what? You're not responsible enough to vote, either!

* * *

A peculiar type of crisis. Canada's Alberta oil sands are producing so much oil, there isn't any way to get the oil from there to...well, anywhere else. Pipelines are running at capacity (and can only be built so fast), and now there aren't enough rail cars to take up the slack.

As usual, environmentalists are the problem. I think that if environmentalism had been invented in Shakespeare's day, it would have been "First, shoot all the eco-nuts!"

* * *

It's a gigantic nothing-burger, and now it's coming down to the wire.

I like the comparison in the opening paragraphs: In October 2016, Barack Obama ridiculed anyone who thought that the election was being tampered with. In December 2016, the entire Democrat-Media establishment was pushing the story that the election had been tampered with.

Where we are now is an interesting place, where the Democrat narrative is collapsing for want of any evidence at all. I think the hope had been that the public would find the story so compellingly outrageous that they would demand Trump's impeachment immediately, without asking for more evidence.

It might have 1975, or even 1985. Before Al Gore invented the Internet, before the rise of right-wing talk radio, such a scheme could have worked. Pressed as hard as the story was, with the full and unabashed backing of the media, the Democrats could have gotten a Republican President impeached, because there were no contrary news sources at those times. It would have been a comfortably long time before the truth came out, that nothing had happened and the President was in fact innocent of the charges, long enough that the actors would be safely past the statute of limitations for perjury etc.

But these days? You will still find "low information voters", people who watch the news and trust what they hear there, but that segment is declining. People are coming to mistrust the mainstream media, and it's happening because this kind of bias has become painfully obvious since 2008--and was, in fact, already apparent before then.

It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.

* * *

Those are the worst luchadores I've ever seen.

They're going to end up looking like pandas.

* * *

Good point!
If the cause is so just, the need so compelling and the case for it so clear, why is the language so mealy-mouthed? If you don't want a white person for your dean of students, and you think that's a perfectly reasonable position to take, indeed the only reasonable position to take, why not just say "This job is only open to people who are not white"? Why hide behind an indirect, euphemistic, invented categorization?
Because they're supposed to be the ones who aren't racist, and saying, "Non-whites only!" would give their opponents a big stick with which to hit them.

* * *

I decided not to bother with Black Panther, because a) token black superhero, and b) don't care about b-list superheros. Learning that Rotten Tomatoes was banning negative reviews of the movie convinced me I'd made the right decision.

I mean--if the movie is such a good movie, why do you need to ban negative reviews of it? They must perforce be in the minority of all reviews, right? But if it's not a good movie, and you ban negative reviews of it...well, suffice it to say that any credence I had once lent to Rotten Tomatoes is now gone because of this. (I pay only scant attention to the opinion of movie reviewers.)

All the articles I read about it only further that opinion. Might see it once it's on-demand as a freebie, though.

* * *

Pesky thing about bums: they're filthy. They're going to crap wherever they want, and they won't deposit their used needles in sharps containers. If you want the good feelz from letting homeless people hang around--if you vote to allow vagrancy, instead of it being illegal--you don't get to complain about the feces and the needles and the filth and the bugs and-and-and.

There is a reason our grandparents outlawed vagrancy. It was not because they were mean people.

* * *

This is kind of what I want for a gaming table. The screen needs to be bigger.

It'd be nice to be able to display maps instead of having to draw them. Not that I play any more, but still.

* * * When I was growing up, we just had one can full of miscellanious hardware. I have several. So by that one standard I'm outdoing my dad by a comfortable margin. Others...well.

Now I'm depressed.


* * *

An Xbox on a chip. AMD's Ryzen line looks like it's going to open a new chapter for AMD. A 4-core processor with a significant integrated GPU looks like a good way to go for a budget gaming machine--and the lesser processor is $99.

With the GPU integrated, memory speed becomes the big issue. DDR4 seems to be the answer there.

It'd be very nice if "integrated graphics" didn't automatically mean "dog slow if you want to run anything other than Office", you know? And that's pretty much what I think when I see "Intel Integrated Graphics" on the spec sheet.

As Pixy points out, AMD knows what it's doing when it comes to integrated graphics, anyway; the Xbox One X CPU and the Playstation 4 Pro CPU are both AMD products.

* * *

Ah, Wednesday. Errand day. *sigh*

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