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#6114: Skunkpuddle Jenkins!

I figure the next time I make a toon in WoW, I'll name him "Skunkpuddle". With the "Jenkins" title, I'll have a character to be reckoned with!

* * *

Speaking of reckoning, Chicory lurched ahead by about 3.5 pages, and they're all "onsen" scenes, because the main character is the granddaughter of the owners of the Fujisawa Onsen, and she's Japanese and communal bathing is a social activity among the Japanese.

I have about half a page more to draw in the hot spring; and after that, "the rest of the story". This chapter is where the story starts to move, and in fact the girls have just learned that due to a huge snowstorm (which has so far dropped nearly 20 inches of snow, half a meter) school is canceled tomorrow--and instead of using that time to stay home and study for their entrance exams, they're going to go skiing, which was something I'd intended to include in the story from the get-go.

And I'm having a blast with it.

The nice thing about drawing a scene with people bathing in large pools of water? You only have to get the body right above the waterline. Below, I find that I have to go back and purposely "ripple" the lines--because they're sitting in water, see?--and not only does that look right, but it also allows me to fudge the hard parts. So it looks a lot better than a similar pose would out of the water.

* * *

Addendum: In that whole "doing this solely for my own enjoyment" department, I find that I reread each day's pages several times. Today's effort includes a nice drawing of Osaka and Hotaru sitting side-by-side in the hot spring, and I just can't believe that I, of all people, drew it. I mean, the perspective is right and everything! End Addendum

* * *

Public pensions are a time bomb. Not just California, though it may be the most egregious example. I think Illinois is also hoping that there'll be a bailout from the feds. I wonder about that with Trump in office, though.

* * *

Big surprise, the Federal Investigations Bureau has told us an untruth about the shooting in Florida. "Well," they said last year, "we just can't figure out who posted those threats online, so we're closing our investigation."

They are using "can't", apparently, in the same sense a child does. It doesn't indicate a lack of ability so much as a lack of desire to do what's necessary. To determine who the person was, all they had to do was ask Google; the guy had posted under his real name, making this a rather trivial exercise in


...which apparently is too much for the FIB to handle.

Okay? "Not trying" is not the same as "we can't do it" except in a very limited sense: there are none so blind as those who will not see. FIB was wilfully blind, and it cost 17 people their lives.

* * *

We could have done this. If we had been serious about space exploration.

In Man in the High Castle, the book, much is made of the fact that by 1962 the Nazis have landed on Mars. Granted that's a somewhat optimized Third Reich, where the runup to the Holocaust didn't drive Jewish physicists and engineers out of Germany and they therefore were available to advance Nazi science by a fair margin. And I'd wager that a few stupid decisions on Hitler's part which were made in reality came out differently in the "Castle" reality. Still--it's plausible, because you don't need NASA to land people on the Moon; you just need people willing to risk their lives flying there and back again, and sooner or later you'll make it.

Mars by 1995 should not have been a pipe dream. It should have been real--and it could have been if we hadn't given up on space exploration in the 1970s.

* * *

Related: I never could get into this stuff. The idea of putting payloads into my rockets appealed to me, but at the time I didn't have the confidence in my ability to build electronics; and buying electronics was prohibitively expensive. Besides, I couldn't think of anything to do; what I really wanted was to put cameras in rockets but that simply cost way too much in 1993. Camera modules were hundreds of dollars.

These days, I could put a camera in a rocket for pocket change. Heck, I bought a USB endoscope for $10 delivered; if I looked I bet I could find a nice camcorder which would fit in a 1" body tube, run on button cells, record HD video, and store it on Micro SD cards--all for under $30 delivered, and maybe even less than that.

But I'm no longer into rocketry. That ship has sailed. Oh well.

* * *

Work today--seems like I hardly did anything at all. The longtime corporate guy who is usually there on Saturday wasn't, so I had to handle the corporate queue by myself for a few hours--but the corporate workload on a Saturday can be handled by one person as long as nothing major erupts.

Today's big crisis was a massive power failure in the town hosting one of our distribution centers. They ended up sending everyone home--which means, oddly enough, less work rather than more for us in the Care Center. At least then, anyway. Power was restored in the early afternoon and they needed help getting their AS400 back up, but otherwise today's not a "fill" day so there was no outbound to worry about.

The only other problem was another warehouse got an order stuck, and it kept them from starting the end of day procedures. It stuck for more than an hour, and interefered with a process at another warehouse. Wow, two warehouses dragged down by one error--of course that happened on the night when the super-experienced guy wasn't there! Anyway it turned out that a real resolution will have to wait until Monday, but the guy in charge of Operations wangled a workaround. Whee!

Did not get googly-eyed on the way home, and I'm not entirely sure why. Oh well.

It's Saturday night, and I don't have to worry about work until 8 AM on Monday. PAAAARRRRR-TEEEEE!!!


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