atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6116: Maybe Tuesday will be easier

It wasn't the work that was the problem. I'm not sure what it was. I just felt awful at work today, bad enough that I needed half a Xanax just to keep from crawling out of my own skin.

But on lunch break I got a couple more pages of Chicory done--at least, I got the other half of Ch 3 P 18 done, and then did P 19. Looks like P20 will have the last of the onsen scene, and then I can move on to chapter 4, which will be about their day at the ski resort.

I don't know exactly where the story is set. It's "generic resort town in Hokkaido", with the only really specific detail being that it's someplace that gets a lot of snow. I don't suppose it needs to be all that detailed as long as it's internally consistent. WTF it's not like this is for publication, at least not for money.

It's not a big town, though; the high school has two senior classes that year--class 3-A and 3-B--and Subaru and her friends are in 3-A. In fact, it's set in 2008, because that's when I started drawing it.

But I'm still enjoying it.

When--if--I get tired of Chicory, I can always pick up with Megumi's Diary. And I might just switch horses when I get the current notebook full of Chicory; you never know.

* * *

This pretty much explains all the ways government failed seventeen people in Florida. Here's a hint: it's not the gun's fault.

* * *

Trust me, China is not a nice place run by people who just want to get along.

* * *

In the "adorable kitten" department--

Twigs has taken to getting into my lap when I'm at the computer. Once he feels comfortable, he'll creep onto my desk and start batting at things on the monitor, like the mouse cursor, at which point I tell him he's got to go and put him on the floor.


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