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#6117: Yee-ha!

I had some tabs open, but today is my Friday and I don't feel like politics. Sorry about that.

* * *

Slower day than normal at work. I only drew 1.25 pages of Chicory, though, because I remembered that I have the Haruhi books on the flash drive I keep with me (a backup of my documents folder on Floristica) and ended up reading that for most of the time I was idle.

I kind of got stuck. I was going to draw an entire page of the three girls skiing, but that's one of those things for which you need references; I tried drawing one of them on a snowboard (Hotaru; Subaru and Osaka use skis) and it looked like complete ass, so I gave up, for now, and simply wrote "skiing montage" on the page.

...very next page, girls relaxing in hot spring again. That'll be one page, though.

I can't help calling her "Osaka". In the comic, Hotaru is the only one that calls Ayumu Katsura by that name, and the character is absolutely nothing like the character from Azumanga Daioh except for her hairstyle--but even so, she's "Osaka" to me.

But this chapter will wind down shortly and then we'll be on to chapter 4, which will probably be the one that includes the sleigh race.

If that goes as planned, then chapter five will be the one centering on New Year's, and of course Subaru's ex-boyfriend comes to the Fujisawa Onsen with his new girlfriend, not realizing that the Fujisawa Onsen is owned by his ex's grandparents. Chaos obviously ensues. Heh.

Somewhere in all this I need to start working in Subaru's new love interest (currently, the amateur astronomer with no name) who is still, for the moment, kind-of-sort-of dating Hotaru's life-long rival, Sachie Ueno, who also made her first (cameo) appearance in the first panel on page 7 of chapter two, because I have just about the entire story outlined in my head.

That panel--there are five characters in it, and of them, only one's face is not visible--and that one is a throwaway, Sir "I might as well be a potted plant". The girls in the panel are all characters in this story, even though one of them has not been introduced to the reader yet.

So, still having tons of fun with this!

* * *

So, finished reading The Man in the High Castle. I was not worried about spoilers, having but two eps of the series left.

Differences: Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith is not in the book. Neither is Joe Blake. There is a "Joe" in the book but he's not SS. In the book, the Man in the High Castle wrote a single book, rather than produced movies. There is no Resistance, at least not that appears on stage. The Kempeitai is not featured in the story. The story takes place in the American west; it gets no farther east than Colorado, so we never see any of the east coast at all.

All the characters from the book appear in the series, though, one way or another. None of them is unchanged from how the book portrays them, and sometimes they are drastically different.

Overall, then, my impression is thus: the TV series is a very nice synthesis of Dick's novel. The two stories are completely different; the TV series takes the same setting as the novel but then goes a completely different way. You can read the book or watch the TV show and know next to nothing about what will happen next in the other.

They're both worthwhile, too.

* * *

Tossed a random MP3 disk into the Jeep's stereo last week, and found that among other things it's got some music from Gundam W on it. Now I've got this hankering to watch that series again. I've got the whole friggin' thing on DVD, but it's something like 52 episodes long, for friggin' my snack.

We'll see.

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