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#6118: I thought they'd ALREADY done that

The aptly-named Dick's Sporting Goods has announced they'll no longer sell "assault-style rifles". The last time there was a mass shooting, didn't they say that they were never going to sell them? I mean, what happened, did they secretly start selling them again?

I clearly recall it because at the time I said, "Well, not going to patronize that store, ever," and stuck to it. I think I even made the same joke about the name of the place.

Ah, here it is. Apparently they did not stop selling scary guns with shoulder things that go up when this last happened (2012-2013-ish) in all of their stores; their "field and stream" stores still carried them. Now, however, they will stop entirely, along with high-capacity magazines and any other scary-sounding gun accessories.

* * *

It starts as the most successful nation on the continent; it ends like Zimbabwe. For all of the faults of the Apartheid system, it addressed a reality that its replacement does not. The result is going to be a disaster for everyone involved.

And for that distaster, the remaining blacks will naturally blame the whites they eradicated.

* * *

Rather neatly sums up what's wrong with the socialized education system.

* * *

NOAA still fudging the numbers. This kind of statistical quackery is why I say "adjuster and fiddleate" instead "fudge"--they're not modifying existing data so much as making up something entirely new.

And it's not just the temperature data they fudge. I keep going on and on about the ozone data. I mean, since the south polar vortex was discovered in 1956, it's been the same year after year; but NASA reports the modern low--which occurs during austral winter--and compares it to the historic highs which occurred in austral summer. Because ozone is made by ultraviolet light, and there's a significant period of time where no sunlight at all shines on the south pole--and because of that annual south polar vortex--there is a time every year where there is a thinning of the ozone layer in that part of the world.

This was discovered and explained in 1956. It only became a crisis about the time DuPont's patents on chlorofluorocarbons were due to expire.

Climatology is not science. If it were science, they wouldn't make up data to support their preferred outcome. They'd let the data and facts stand on their own. But because the data and the facts do not support the AGW platform, we get all kinds of garbage instead.

* * *

So, it's my Saturday, and the tasks are done. One errand remains, and I literally have all day to do it: I need to go get a jar of peanut butter. Maybe a sixer or two of Pepsi. We'll see, but I don't have to do that right now, and so I won't, because DAY OFF.

ADDENDUM: I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you can't stand to fly without your peacock, STAY THE HELL HOME. END ADDENDUM

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