atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6119: Not even trying to hide it any more

Let the headline tell the tale: "New Chicago ID card created for undocumented immigrants will be accepted for voter registration". They don't expect it to make it easier to commit vote fraud.

Via Ol' Remus, who reminds us, "Registering illegal aliens to vote is voter fraud."

The fact is, Democrats consider any vote for a Republican to be vote fraud, and any vote for a Democrat to be a legal, valid vote. Regardless of circumstance. So they see nothing whatsoever wrong with allowing illegal aliens to vote, because by and large they'll vote for Democrats.

* * *

This store in Derry can suck a dick. Be interesting in the notoriety of this horseshit brought Apple lawyers down on them for trademark infringement or something.

* * *

Michael Moore once again opens his mouth and removes all doubt.

* * *

It normally takes 45 minutes for me to get to work. Not today! It was raining today, so it took sixty-five minutes! An extra 20 minutes lost to idiots who don't understand that while rain makes the road wet, you don't need to slow down to 40 MPH to drive safely. Maybe not drive along at 80 MPH weaving in and out of traffic, but you could go maybe the speed limit (60) or 65-ish, you know?

Anyway, got to work late, and proceeded then to have a friggin' panic attack, because why the hell not? Nothing like having the fight-or-flight reflex crank itself into high gear for no particular reason, right?

Here's hoping the next two days will be nicer.

In theory I'm supposed to get a buttload of Kimi ni Todoke books tomorrow. I hope so; I'd like to read some of them on Saturday while I'm waiting for my phone to ring.

* * *

No new Chicory pages today. I was feeling too shitty.

...but I came home and put food in the oven, and in a little while we'll be having crunchy chicken with savory potatoes and carrots. Ought to be quite tasty, and as a bonus there should be enough leftovers for my lunch tomorrow. That'll be nice.

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