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#6121: The other stuff

$89 million per mile. Filed under "high speed FAIL".

If it was economically necessary it would already exist.

* * *

Delta's anti-gun stance cost it a $50 million tax break. People who own stock in Delta need to demand that some people be fired.

* * *

In most markets that's $150 grand, $200 grand tops. In Silicon Valley it's two million dollars, because California is insane.

* * *

A knife attack every four minutes in Britain because weapons are evil and they kill people.

* * *

Kim du Toit is from South Africa. "Food production must be preserved," the South African leader is quoted as saying, but forcing white farmers off their land and giving it to blacks is going to do the opposite.

Of course they're not saying to themselves, "Oh, wait, Mugabe did this exact same thing and look how it turned out for him!" Why would they? Everyone knows that Zimbabwe ended up like that because of racism and colonialism, not because England turned over the keys to a fully functioning modern economy to a bunch of savages who didn't understand how it worked, and who completely wrecked it within a couple of decades.

Just like Zimbabwe, South Africa is going to collapse into economic ruin, unable even to feed itself.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus put on The 100, and within 5 minutes of the beginning of the thing I'd had enough of it and left the room.

Okay: when you are aboard a vessel which is entering Earth's atmosphere, you are not in zero gee until the parachutes deploy. You start feeling acceleration as soon as you hit any air resistance at all, and by the time your ship has an incandescent shock wave you're under multiple gravities of acceleration.

That was merely the last straw; they packed more complete horseshit into that five minutes than I've seen in entire seasons of other shows.

Like? Oh, if you commit a crime, you're summarily executed. But not if you're a minor! Minors are allowed to live until they're 18, and then they're executed. The executions happen because resources are scarce, see, but of course resources are not so scarce that they can't afford to provide food, water, and life support for people who are not, and who never will be, productive members of society, but who are destined to be killed on their 18th birthdays. And of course unti then they are kept locked up and not expected to work or anything.

It was just so chock-full of illogical bullshit I couldn't take any more.

* * *

Counterpart is pretty good, though. We've been watching it, and enjoying it.

* * *

As for Kimi ni Todoke, when The 100 got to be too much for me, I came in here. It can wait, anyway.

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