atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6123: Stupidity abounds. What do you do?

Looks as if there will always be a market for snake oil in its various forms. $70 for a "crystal healing" water bottle.

This is so stupid I can't even. I just simply cannot even, I'm telling you, because holy crap. Anyone that can even under these circumstances is either a better man than I, or worse, and I can't tell which from here.

* * *

The fool with the bandaged finger takes another poke at the fire. So, that idiot couple who ran their life savings aground on a sandbar and sank it? Someone sold them a boat for $1 and they're going to try another run at suicide.

But, hey--maybe this time they'll get the thing surveyed so they can insure it. Maybe.

* * *

$50 billion in wasted money. Let's look at this. 2010, Obama told NASA to cancel Ares, citing the usual Democrat talking points. In 2011, realizing where he'd stuck his foot, he told NASA to develop a new launch system. NASA--instead of picking up where they left off with Ares--promptly started to develop SLS/Orion.

Overall, it's been a complete waste of money. Not only was the work on Ares wasted, but SLS itself has, so far, proven to be a boondoggle.

SLS was meant to use off-the-shelf hardware to construct a man-rated heavy lift booster. They started in 2012 and so far there hasn't been any SLS flight.

It was seven years from the time Kennedy said we'd go to the Moon to the time men set foot on the Moon. When Kennedy said that, none of the required hardware existed; there wasn't anything on the shelf NASA could go get that would do the job, and it all had to be invented.

It took seven years.

Meanwhile, NASA in the twenty-first-frickin'-century can't even build a rocket from off-the-shelf parts in seven years. First expected flight of SLS is in 2020 if there are no further delays, which is nine years from the get-go.

Incidentally, NASA wants to fly a manned mission without an unmanned test flight of the hardware. NASA won't man-rate any SpaceX hardware until and unless there are seven successful flights of it first. Of course government always exempts itself from its own requirements and regulations.

* * *

Looks like we'll hit 50 today. The weather has been moderate for the past week, and it's about time. February was almost universally overcast.

Birds are singing and the sun is shining on both sides of the street. I just want to go back to bed and sleep more; that was a tiring week.

Maybe I'll do that.

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