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#6124: Gundam W

So, pulled out DVD 1 of Gundam W and watched a few eps this evening--eps 1-3--and...yeah.

Number one: the first couple of eps are CHEESE-FESTS. I'd forgotten that, but particular the first ep is so cheesy it makes me wish for some crackers. But once they dig themselves out from under the front-loaded exposition and start telling the bigger story, it gets a lot less cheesy fast, and starts being the epic space war saga I remember it being.

One of the things I liked about the series was the brief narration at the beginning of each ep, and in ep 2 I got chills listening to it.

It's been more than 14 years since I last watched it--probably more than sixteen, in fact--and I only watched it once, so I don't remember anything of the plot.

Ink and paint on acetate, not a computer in sight, 4:3 aspect ratio, and 49 episodes long. They just don't do anime like that any more.

* * *

It's true: Christian movies are not very good. You want to know why? Ironically, it's the same reason SJW movies aren't any good: message is put ahead of story.

It's possible to tell a story with a positive message without being ham-handed. Although it was heavily new-agey in its approach, Joan of Arcadia was fantastically God-positive television; that's what got it canceled. God wasn't a capricious tyrant, and as an instrument of God Joan wasn't a drug-addled slut. Neither God nor religion in general was ever depicted as somehow stupid or wrong; the show was successful enough that it lasted two seasons, but not successful enough to buffer it against the management of CBS. (Unlike Touched by an Angel and Promised Land.)

See also. My wife doesn't understand why I consider an Oscar nomination to be a black mark against a movie.

* * *

This is tyranny. This is what it looks like and how it starts. Guy in Seattle had his guns confiscated. He didn't break any laws; no charges were preferred--he wasn't even arrested--and no warrants were served in the process. Nope: the police just took his guns away from him.

Right now, that happens if the police decide you need not to be armed; this guy was "staring" at people and apparently that was enough cause to strip him of his 2nd and 4th amendment rights. But it could just as easily be "for public safety" or some other nonsense. Once you give government the power to summarily strip people of their rights, all of them fall like dominoes.

Idiots like this one don't help. She wants women to have the same rights as guns. I'm going to edit his bullet points a bit, and ask if this feminist tower of intellect wants:
-women to be banned from entering school and college campuses?

–women to be banned from any establishment selling alcohol?

–women to be banned from polling places on election days?

–women to be banned from any official government group meetings?

–women to be banned from all airports?

–some women to be banned outright simply because they look too scary?

–women to be locked up at all times that they are not in use?
And that's just for starters. Let's not get into the background checks and having to file paperwork to move them across state lines and the licenses and-and-and.

What that woman does with that sign is--rather than score a point with a pithy and scathing slogan--to display just how stupid she is.

One of those cases where a person who doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about opens her mouth and "removes all doubt".

* * *

Here's an example of a smart woman. God bless Sarah Sanders. Wow.

* * *

"Wintry mix" today, and at one point driving home from work it was through the densest blast of sleet I ever had the misfortune to experience. "Scheissenwetter", I call it.

Speaking of which, I did not go to work Monday thanks to a 24-hour bug. Sunday night's dinner was sausages, but there was something wrong with the bratwurst I had (Mrs. Fungus had some other kind of sausage). When I had to go lay down a couple hours after dinner, I was afraid I was in for some kind of shitstorm--and indeed I was. Felt like utter crap when I woke up. Got up for work late, and then only because the first major blowdown happened. That was accompanied by cramping and nausea, so I called off and returned to bed; after Mrs. Fungus left for work I fell asleep. Got up a little while later for Round Two; then I needed some food to stave off hypoglycemia and an incipient headache--and the fact that I wasn't sick enough to have no hunger reflex made me feel guilty for not going to work. I went back to bed, though, and slept, and when I woke up at 3 PM it was to the realization that I had made the right decision because I still felt bleeding awful. No more GI symptoms after Round Two, but they weren't necessary, either, not with the aching and the fatigue and the general crappiness.

I had a sandwich and tried to wake up; realizing that I felt about as good as I was going to, I ran a couple small errands; left at 4 and was home from that by which point I collapsed for a little while longer.

Ran a bath as hot as I could stand it and soaked for a while, then returned to bed until Mrs. Fungus got home. We went to bed at our normal time, me still feeling like recycled dog's breakfast, but I figured I'd be well enough to go to work. Mrs. Fungus asked me if I had the flu; I told her no--if I'd had the flu, it would have been worse. (Yeah.) And she asked me if I was going to work Tuesday, which I said I was.

Miraculously, when I woke up Tuesday morning, I realized I was feeling well enough to go to work, as I'd expected to be. That lasted until I got to work, and from there I had to drag myself through most of my day feeling woozy and unable to concentrate--but I did it.

Not the best way to spend a day. But at least it was a 24-hour bug and not full-blown flu.

* * *

Damn, it's well past my bedtime.

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