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#6125: This better not be true

Because if it is true, the Broward County law enforcement community has a lot of explaining to do. Short form: the kid who shot up that school in Florida was expelled from school for bringing a gun to school.

Now, here's the thing: bringing a gun to school is a felony, particularly if you are underage. We can debate the merits of not arresting kids who commit misdemeanors (even things like petty robbery) but when it comes to felonies we should be having an entirely different conversation. By definition, a felony is a serious violation of the law, one that can not (should not, in any case) be swept under the rug.

The case could be made that not arresting that kid for felony possession of a firearm resulted in 17 deaths. I think it would be a compelling argument in a civil suit, certainly.

All told, this has been a showcase of how government stupidity and corruption leads to poor outcomes for citizens. It's obvious that the law was not enforced, and had it been enforced, the tragedy would not have occurred.

* * *

There was going to be a post here about California and its protections for illegal aliens (inspired by this) but it's my day off and I don't want to rant on a subject I've already beaten to death.

Ace sums up my feelings rather nicely, anyway.

* * *

Chilly, windy March day. When I got up around 6 AM to hit the can, there was snow on the ground. It's melted away now. Fine by me.

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