atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6127: Not nearly as good as I'd thought it would be

Dunkirk was kind of disappointing. The music and the sound were bloody awful (hence the Oscar for it) and the story was lackluster. Even the aerial combat scenes--Spifires duking it out with ME-109s, HE-111s, and Junkers dive bombers--were not as exciting as the trailer had led me to believe.

Darkest Hour was a better movie.

Which is not to say that Dunkirk was a bad movie; it wasn't...but it was strictly "meh" throughout.

Not sure I can recommend it.

* * *

Saturday set a record for "slow day at work". Nine incoming interactions--nine--which averages out to an interaction every 47 minutes. I almost fell asleep at my desk five times, and during those moments it seemed as if the day would take an eternity to end. I'd look at the clock and find that three minutes had passed, and groan inwardly, wishing I could go lay down somewhere for just a few minutes.

When you've got nothing to do but wait, that gets tedious, and after a while it can come to be physically painful.


That is getting to be a bit much. I don't mind having a slow day, but nine incoming interactions in an entire workday just takes the cake.

Of course, if they would just train me in the Vendor skillset, that would give me lots of work to do...or would it? Guess what: the other guy on Saturdays, the guy who's been there 14 years and is both Corporate and Vendor trained, he was sitting on his thumbs today, too. it looks like that's not the magic bullet, either. All it would do is make my weekdays a pain in the ass.

There's no good answer here, except one: start bringing stuff to read.

"Why didn't you work on one of your comics, anus?" I just didn't feel like it, and although you need patience and discipline to draw well, I draw comics for fun and it won't be fun if I'm forcing myself to do it. I read Haruhi Suzumiya ebooks instead. That helped, but not enough.

6:30, when it finally came, did not come soon enough, but I bolted out of there and came home; and shortly I'll be going to bed.

* * *


Mrs. Fungus tuned to Home Shopping Network, and they had some weird "copper-infused" sheet sets for sale. We wouldn't have bothered, but any size for $50 a set. Do you know what a set of king-size linens go for, even the inexpensive ones? Hint: she ordered two sets for the price of one set from Target or the like.

We'll see how comfortable they are; I put one on the bed this evening.

* * *

So we lose an hour of sleep tonight, but that just means we'll sleep in later. I don't mind at all.

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