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#6129: Well, it's sure not spring yet

A week from tomorrow.

Today, snow squalls, some of them so heavy they looked like blizzards. Watching from my desk, in a single hour I saw it go from heavy snow to sunshine to heavy snow to sunshine again. The result of such heavy but scattered snow is about an inch of snow on the grass, none on the streets.

Perfectly livable, IMHO. It'll all melt tomorrow.

* * *

She can't handle stairs but she wanted to be President. Because "can't use stairs" would be an automatic disqualification for a Republican, I say it's an automatic DQ for a Democrat, too.

* * *

If you simply cannot handle life under Trump, maybe you need to go find a job elsewhere. State Department employees--"seasoned diplomats"--are reportedly sitting in their cars and crying uncontrollably. There are still jobs in academia for useless gits who can't handle the real world, aren't there?

* * *

Global warming is becoming even more incoherent. Despite NOAA saying that this has not been a particularly harsh winter, someone else is saying that the harsh winter is due to global warming. Yep, it's been a cold, nasty winter because of global warming, and don't you forget it.

Winters will continue to get colder and nastier as the planet warms up, even though snow will disappear in fifteen years and the glaciers will all melt.


* * *

It really does come down to that, doesn't it? It really does seem as if the political left hates the poor with a firey passion, considering how everything they do serves to make the lives of the poor worse rather than better.

If there's something they can do to make energy more expensive, they do it. If there's something they can do to increase crime rates, they do it. If there's something they can do that will make employment more scarce, they do it. If there's something they can do to raise the cost of housing, they do it.

...all the while professing nothing but love and support for the poor. But they don't love the poor; they sure as hell don't want the poor to stop being poor. They need the poor, and they need to have as many poor people around as possible, because that is where they get their votes from.

* * *

You never know, the guy might smoke that okra.

You know what that is? That's a friggin' lawsuit, right there. A SWAT raid over plants that some dim bulb thought looked suspicious? What the hell.

* * *

So, Illinois politics--

There's a primary coming up. In the "what the hell is this shit" department, apparently Governor Bruce Rauner has an opponent in the primary. I didn't even realize it until I got something in the mail from "The Republican Party of [Fungal Vale]" extolling the virtues of the challenger, which immediately made my hackles rise because I've lived in this town for 44 of my 50 years and I have never heard of "The Republican Party of [Fungal Vale]" in my life. These materials accuse Rauner of mopery and dopery and skullduggery in the spaceways.

The ads against the challenger are similar, accusing her of mopery and dopery and skullduggery etc, but at least it's coming from someone I've heard of before; and these materials include video and audio of this person supporting Mike Madigan, AKA "The Guy Who Runs The State".

It would not suprise me at all to learn that the Illinois Democrat Party is sponsoring someone to challenge Rauner in the primary, entirely because Rauner stood up to Madigan for so long.

So I need to go vote in the primary, which is either April 3 or April 19 March 20, next week; and it means I need to figure out who the hell I'm voting for in the other elections.

Oh! It doesn't matter, because there are NO Republican candidates for my district. Because Illinois.

This state is hopeless.

* * *

I've been watching a series of videos by a guy who bought a lightly distressed Lamborghini Gallardo for $68,000, and his attempts at fixing it up.

"Lightly distressed" because a gas pump malfunctioned while the original owner was fueling the beast, and sprayed fuel all over the place. It caught fire, was put out almost immediately...and the insurance company totaled it rather than fix it. Sold at auction for $45,000 (still in pieces after the post-fire inspection) and the buyer haphazardly reassembled it and sold it to this guy for $68,000.

So when we first see the car, it starts and runs, barely, but the guy can't put it in gear. The power top doesn't work; neither does the gadget that lifts the front end so it can clear curbs and speed bumps. Into the garage it goes.

The gear issue turned out to be a seized clutch: after sitting in weather for a couple years, the dual-disk clutch was rusted together. After taking the gearbox out, he was able to pop the thing apart with a screwdriver, scrub off the rust, and reassemble, good as new. He's done a bunch of other stuff, mostly cosmetic; the real work will come from neatening up the botch the middleman made of the engine bay when he slapped it back together.

So far the guy's into this for $68k plus elbow grease, plus refinishing the wheels and putting new tires on them. Oh--and he scavenged the filler neck from a Ford F-150 of some recent vintage in order to save himself $700 on replacing the missing fuel filler cap.

The fire damage is primarily cosmetic; there are a few wires and hoses that will need replacing, but nothing major, and there's some paint on the body that will need redoing. Over all, though, it's a freaking Lamborghini for under $75,000 all-in (I expect). Can't beat that, can you?

* * *

Well! It's Tuesday night, and we all know what that means.

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