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#6131: Police malfeasance, again

Karl Denninger has a story the press is all but ignoring, because it doesn't fit their template. A 17-year-old muslim killed a 13-year-old and wounded two other boys for "blasphemy".

Why is it largely being ignored? I think you know the reasons.

1) He's muslim, and he attacked innocent people for being non-muslim.

2) He used a knife.

#1 is the most important. If this kid had attacked the other kids because they were black or because he thought Jesus told him to, the media would be all over the story like flies on shit. (I dislike that simile, but it's too apt not to use here.) But because he is muslim attacking other kids because non-muslim, it's ignored.

#2 is also a factor. #1 can be downplayed if 17-year-old with a gun can be pushed; but the kid used a knife, and owing to the fact that "knife control" must come after "gun control" (and works even less well) the media is not-so-curiously uninterested in any mass murder or attempt thereof that does not involve a firearm.

* * *

Raising taxes will not help you. New Jersey raising taxes on "almost everything" in a desperate bid to prop up the pension fund for union state employees.

Democrats believe that the taxpaying public is an infinite reservoir of money from which politicians can take as much as they like. They believe that all money is government's, and that the government generously lets people have money, but when government needs more, it's the peoples' responsibility to let government have as much as it needs. (These same Democrats make every effort to ensure they personally pay as little in tax as possible, of course.)

We are--so far--fortunate that our politicians must obey the results of elections; they can cheat and fudge a few percent around the edges, but they can't out-and-out ignore the results of an election. Although the deck is increasingly stacked in favor of the ruling elite, they still have to play by (most of) the rules. For however much longer that lasts, that remains the sole brake on the ambitions of our government: we can still vote them out.

At some point, somewhere, the massive tax increases meant to bail out an increasingly arthritic system will result in mass de-election of sitting politicians. What happens after that will be telling.

* * *

She can't even handle stairs; why is anyone listening to her?

* * *

Another systemic failure. Kid ditches school but three teachers mark him "present". (One of whom retroactively changed that to "absent".) People call 911 about kid on wrong side of bridge railing; 911 dispatchers did nothing in response to this call. Four days later, the body is found right below where the kid was last seen.

Here's the thing: government employees don't get fired even under the most extreme circumstances. Three teachers--three--marked the kid "present" when he was not, and why is that? Well, for one thing, schools get paid federal money for butts in seats, so for every day Svteen (I meant to do that, read the post's third footnote) is not there, the feds reduce their payout to the school. Everyone knows this. Teachers therefore have an incentive to mark students as "present" even if they are not--and the union prevents firing anyone even in the case of gross negligence and/or incompetence.

As is the case here.

* * *

Well, when I woke up, to my surprise there was still snow on the ground. Now it has melted from where the sun hits, leaving snow in the shadows, but as the day warms that too will melt.
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