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#6134: I am not even remotely Irish.

A DNA test might show otherwise, but I don't feel Irish, not even today. The entire extent of my celebration of Saint Patrick's day is to eat corned beef and cabbage--which isn't really an Irish dish--and I'm not even doing that today. I didn't wear green, and in fact I just finished making a pot of chili.

So, to heck with that nonsense.

* * *

Perhaps I should watch the movie Francis Porretto suggests. Why not?

* * *

In the "HORSESHIT!" category we have my prediction for tomorrow's (or Monday's) "Jump Start" comic strip.

"Jump Start" is the story surrounding Joe and Marcy, a married black couple living in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. They have kids. He's a cop, she's a nurse. They have relatives who also appear in the story, though it's been long enough that I don't recall who is related to whom and how.

In the most recent story, Marcy's hospital has just about finished building a new cardiology building (or something) and the rumor is that she's the frontrunner for a teaching position where she'll only have to work 3 days a week and her salary will double.

Today's strip: doctor Willis is telling her that the committee has made it's final decision, and she says, "So have I!"....which strongly implies that she's going to tell them she doesn't want the job.

This is a woman who has four kids and a husband who works as a beat cop. The notion that a working mother would give up doubled pay while halving her workload is ludicrous.

* * *

Illinois is #1 in something: taxes. And what do we get for it? Oh, that's a corker, right there. We get reamed up the ass for no good reason other than enriching Democrats and their cronies. After all, that's what taxpayers are for, right?

* * *

Look, when there are cracks in a concrete structure MERE DAYS after its installation, you have a VERY BIG PROBLEM. Okay? If "some repairs" have to be made THAT SOON?

Idiots. Idiots!

* * *

Well, Mrs. Fungus is home, and that chili is calling to me.
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