atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6136: Guns aren't the problem.

It's just that we're not enforcing the law.

Short form: kid is a star basketball player, and he--using a gun--robbed two people and carjacked a third.

Okay, so the kid is in high school. That made him not older than 18 when he committed his crime. Even so, most states restrict handguns to those 21 and over, especially hard Democrat states like Wisconsin. According to the criminal complaint, he was 17 at the time the charges were filed. There's no way that kid could legally carry a firearm.

...yet star basketball player, and he's playing in a big tournament. He had to write letters of apology to his victims. The state athletic association doesn't care about violent crime; drugs or alcohol or drugs will get you tossed out, but apparently they don't mind kids sticking guns in peoples' faces.

Kid pled guilty in January; sentencing is in April. Why let him run around loose? Since he's guilty, shouldn't he be in jail already?

In any case, as the article's author says, don't talk to me about gun control.

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