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#6140: Something that keeps eluding me

Next time it occurs to me I think I'd better write it down, because by the time I sit down to blog, I've forgotten it. I've been playing hide-and-seek with this topic for more than a week. Argh etc.

* * *

The fact that I understand why this happens does not mitigate how irritating it is. I've noticed myself that Facebook tends to reduce the size of my home page and then end with:
Do You Want to See More Posts?
The more friends you add, the more posts, photos and videos you'll see in News Feed.
Stuff I was formerly able to see, I can't see any longer, apparently because it's not fresh or something.

One of many reasons why I don't use Facebook for anything other than the occasional bit; it's too unpredictable. And as the last line of the linked post implies, sometimes they don't show you things you've told them you want to see.

But why do it? Well, you see, Facebook makes its money by selling eyeballs to advertisers. Someone there figured out that the best way to maximize their income is by making sure that all users network to the maximum extent possible--so the more friends everyone has, the wider the nets get cast, and the more eyeballs they capture.

So letting someone have a long home page for a few months, and then abruptly truncating it whenever they haven't added a new friend in a while--that will guarantee that the workers you've co-opted do their utmost for you. The home page feels too short, so the user will add friends to get a longer home page again.

And that, by the way, is why I only use Facebook a little bit: I know that whenever I'm using Facebook, I'm not the customer, but the product.

* * *

The attempted mass murder that went unremarked upon because it doesn't fit the narrative. But it's law enforcement dropping the ball, a tragedy which would have been avoided had the legal authorities just done their fricking jobs.

* * *

Just remember that it used to be "human emissions are causing global cooling!" In the late 1970s we were all told that because of human activity, the globe had cooled, was getting colder, and we faced another ice age unless we took dire measures including "...banning the internal combustion engine, regulating industrial research and development, and limiting population."

Which is why I don't take them seriously, and never have.

* * *

I agree with Kim du Toit.

Look: Africans have demonstrated time and again that they do not want civilization, at least as we understand it. They want "might makes right" rather than rule of law. They want warlords and dictators, not democracy. They want famine and disease and war rather than peace and security.

We know this is so because that is what they choose every time they are given a choice, without fail.

There comes a point at which responsibility ends. We are not required to pour money down a rat hole ad infinitum, particularly not when the people we are giving the money to are so hell-bent on murdering and oppressing each other. They scream for self-determination, but once it is returned to them, they make a bloody hash out of it, and wreck everything they've been given.

It's time to let Africa sink. Stop propping it up, stop helping, stop perpetuating the tribal wars--stop interfering, in other words. Leave the entire continent to itself; there isn't anything there that we need that cannot be found elsewhere. We cannot fix what's wrong there, and the only sensible thing is to leave and let it do what it will.

"The Chinese will take over!" And what makes you think the Chinese will have any more luck than we did? I grant you, the Chinese won't be held back by a cadre of limp American leftists complaining about colonialism and racism, so it is likely that whatever investment China made in Africa would be on their terms, but the result would be the same thing we see now: pockets of something approximating civilization, with vast swaths of barbarian savagery.

* * *

Well, I was up early this morning; nap time. Love having a day off.

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