atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6141: I forgot to vote, and it doesn't matter anyway

Yeah, the primaries were yesterday. I didn't remember until I was at work, and I got home long after the polls closed.

Rauner won the primary, not that that's any great deal. I still don't know who to believe was actually the candidate in the Democrats' pockets, but that doesn't matter.

Regardless of who ends up in the governor's office this November--Republican, Democrat, or some combination thereof--the Democrat looting of the state will continue unabated. The budget standoff of this past summer shows that simple mathematics is no impediment to the incontinent rapacity of Mike Madigan and the Democrat machine, and neither is the clear example given by Detroit. "We're smarter and better and more sophisticated than those assholes in Michigan were, and it won't turn out that way here." Well, it will--and by the time it does, the machine politicians will have either died, or moved to more pleasant climes with their ill-gotten gains. Chicago will be a smoking hole in the ground, much the same way Detroit is, but they won't care, having long abandoned it to second-string minority politicians.

* * *

Yesterday, on a lark, I looked up "Mini ITX motherboard" on Google Shopping, and found some screaming deals on some nice-looking boards. One with an Atom processor, dual-core, for $19 shipped, that can handle 4 GB of RAM; another one for $10 plus S&H which has an LGA-1150 socket, suitable for some pretty high-zoot processors.

And for a bit more than that--about $15--a motherboard that can handle a 2nd generation core iX processor, 16 GB of RAM, and has a PCIe slot. Prices for the processor go from about $80 to $YEECH! but a Core i3 would be very nice for a small computer and those can be had under $100 if you choose carefully.

What I'd like to do, though, is to get a mini ITX board that'll take a Ryzen 3 2200G, and stuff it into a nice little case; with 8 GB of RAM and maybe a 240 GB SSD, that would get me a machine that could play WoW yet fit in a shoebox and not take up much room in the entertainment center--and then my anime viewing wouldn't be hampered by a BluRay player (or whatever) that can't handle .MKV video files. In the unlikely event that the on-board graphics of the Ryzen 3 were not enough, a mini ITX board for that processor would have a PCI-E slot, and I've got several spare video cards that would do handsomely.

But that's a ways away. I'm slowly getting caught up on bills, and once that's handled I can think about fun stuff like that.

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