atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6147: Well, that just makes my f-ing day, right there

Felt like shit most of the day Sunday, which was something of a carry-over from Saturday when I started feeling pretty crappy, which was also something of a carry-over from Friday when I had started to feel a bit on the poopy side. Today, when I got to the highway, I very nearly turned around and went home because I was feeling dizzy and woozy almost to the point of being disoriented. If that hadn't gone away after a good shake of the head, I would have stayed home: unsafe at any speed.

Went to work, toughed it out. Took some Mucinex around eleven and suddenly started feeling better, which was enough for me to realize you have a fever, you idiot. But about 4-ish I asked the boss if I could leave at 6, with designs on going to an urgent care place to get the once-over. Boss was amenable, so off I went at 6 and hit the doc-in-a-box.

The registrar had me put a mask on. They swabbed my nostrils for flu and found none, and the doc decided it was most probably sinusitis (which I expected, having fought a case of it almost all winter) and sent me off with an RX for Augmentin.

My health insurance has a $5,000 deductible, so I had to pay the doc $75, and when it came time to pay for the pills, they were a mere $54.

Generic frigging Augmentin, a mixture of two of the most common anti-bacterial drugs there are, and it's fucking $2.50 a tablet. Fuck you, Democrats! Fuck you, Obama! And a special "fuck you" to the Republicans for not repealing that shit on January 21, 2017!

...but with Jewel's prescription discount card, the price went down to $21...which was still about twice what my checking account had in it after the (unexpected) expense of the doctor's fee, and of course the bank's customer service line was closed so I couldn't move any money from my savings account. Had to go home, get Mrs. Fungus' card, and use that to buy my pills. ARRGH!

I shouldn't complain too much, I know. We have the money, and I'm skint only because I'm paying my bills the way I'm supposed to--and payday is on Wednesday and this was an unexpected expense, not something planned for. This kind of situation is exactly why I have about a quarter of each paycheck dumped into my savings account, after all. What frustrates me is not being able to have my bank move the damned money when I need it!

(And no, I can't use their app to do it; I don't have the right kind of account with them. The right kind of account would cost me too much money.)


* * *


* * *

Bring rocks to a gun fight. Democrats are stupid.

* * *

Fuck it, I'm too pissed off. Something's gonna die in the dungeon tonight. (I'm going to play WoW, in other words.)

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