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#6150: Yep, that's it for self-driving cars.

Passenger in self-driving car ticketed for car's failure. The car in question "came too close" to a pedestrian, and the fact that it was operating autonomously did not matter to the policeman. The person in the car, "whether they were driving or not, 'is still responsible for the vehicle.'"

So, hear that? If you are in a self-driving car, YOU are responsible for whatever it does. Not the guys who programmed it; you.

Because of that, I've just decided that I will never, never, ever so much as sit in one of GM's cars without steering wheel or other controls. I won't take a ride in a self-driving car, either. Just NO. Because as Denninger concludes, under that legal theory, the guy in that Uber car that killed a woman would be in prison facing a charge of felony manslaughter.

Nope: if a human's not herding it, I'm not riding.

* * *

File this under "sauce for the goose". I agree wholeheartedly, though; I think it's a great idea. If it's good and proper for the ratio between CEO and peon pay to be reported, then it should be done for big name actor and director vs the lowest-paid movie staffer; between University President and adjunct professor; and politicians should have to wear sponsor names on their clothing.

* * *

Jackbooted thugs in the dentist's office. A note to the SJWs and other leftist asshats out there: that is what real fascism looks like, a business able to use the threat of government prosecution to coerce people to use their service.

* * *

"Get rid of the guns! There's too much gun crime!"

England has all but banned firearms, and this is the result.

And read the comments too. One reminds us that England doesn't class a murder as a "homicide" unless the murderer is caught and punished for the crime.

* * *

"We need a disney princess who's had an abortion"...? Really?

* * *

"Wireless peacekeeping devices", I like that. And you're a bigot if you say they're not.

* * *

So, last night we thought we'd try watching Krypton, Yet Another Superman Series, only this one is about Superman's great-grandfather. It's set on Krypton, hence the title.

We managed perhaps fifteen minutes before Mrs. Fungus got bored. I hadn't even wanted to bother, but was overruled.

They just went down the SJW list for TV shows. Dystopia, disaffected teens, smart, cocky male lead, who's a white boy that sleeps with a black girl. Black girl is military and her mother is a super-hardass.

The only thing they didn't include was a lesbian relationship, and that probably crops up later in the episode. All series have to have lesbians in them now, after all!

In one scene we're shown the Genesis Chamber, which is how the Kryptonians reproduce. He and she both have their fingers pricked for a DNA sample, and some time later, baby! Two minutes after that, Doucheboy is shown in bed with Black Military Grrl.

It would have been massively interesting if people simply did not have sex any longer. The need for procreation has disappeared; maybe they don't even do it for fun any longer. The planet's been taken over by a totalitarian government, so why not? That would be an apocalyptic plot point, right there, wouldn't it? Nothing would drive home these people are not humans more than something like that. But that would have required thinking outside the box, and not having any sex in the series, so of course that's out. After all, you can't have lesbians in a world without sex!

Anyway, this series is just more of the same tiresome SJW horseshit you see in every last damned TV show these days, and it's not worth watching.

We watched about the first half of the first ep of The Terror, and that looks pretty interesting to me. We'll see how it works out; we only stopped because it was bedtime.

* * *

And now, off to make dinner. Taco night!

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