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#6157: Going too often to the well--some five or six hundred times too often

I could just have easily said, "Crying wolf a few million times too many." One can almost hear the press wondering why people don't listen to them any more.

As Vox observes, the press may not recall talking about how Clinton's perjury over illicit dalliances with an intern were nothing to worry about, but plenty of the rest of us do. I can't get worked up over Trump's indiscretions from years and years ago, because that happened long before he was in office, and Trump didn't commit perjury in an attempt to cover it up.

Used to be that sexual peccadillos got a man de-elected. No one cares about that any more, and anyway finding a politician who isn't also a philanderer is nigh impossible, and was impossible even back then. Getting upset about Trump banging a Playboy bunny (if it even happened, about which I don't know or care) some years ago--well, it just doesn't matter. I suppose it would be different if Trump had done this last week, you know, using the Secret Service and his power as President to have a gigantic sex party in the Oval Office with a bunch of young women; but that's not what happened, or is happening. The press wants us to get upset over something Trump did long ago, and they want us ("us" meaning "Trump supporters", by the way) to get upset over it because they think we're all closed-minded uptight reactionary Jesus-lovers who get the vapors at a hint of immorality, and start pointing and shrieking "Unclean!" when we encounter someone who's not a paragon of virtue.

But the thing is, that's stopped working. It's stopped working because we've seen you pass off so many Democrat peccadillos that we know you don't care about it, and that whenever you start pointing and shrieking about immorality in our guys, it's just a cynical attempt to make him look bad. It's stopped working because you've been obviously doing it for two years--longer--with stupid little crap you've deliberately trumped up (heh) because you don't have anything else. It's stopped working because you've been pissing away your credibility for years harping on lesser things, while doing your damnedest to minimize Democrat scandals, no matter how serious.

It's been obvious for a long time that the American media has chosen sides, and that it's firmly on the side of the Democrats. So don't expect us to listen to you now.

* * *

If I were Trump I would insist on these conditions, too. "Sauce for the goose", as they say.

* * *

China may talk really tough, but they really do need us a lot more than we need them. Soybeans are essential to the Chinese diet and they get a lot of soybeans from the United States.

* * *

No, he identifies as a woman, so what the little girl saw was irrelevant. The little girl may think she saw a penis, but that was merely the result of the phallocentric, patriarchal society we live in. No penis was present in that bathroom stall, because there were no men there. Because of course when a man identifies as a woman, his genitals become entirely irrelevant! Right, libs?

* * *

It snowed yesterday. Well, that's not the first time it's snowed in April. It was just flurries. Still--damned global warming!!!!!!111one-one

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