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#6162: The last gasp of winter

Snow last night and this morning, enough to accumulate on the grass. Commute to work was affected, but not seriously. Then, snow squalls all day long.

Second week of April. No, not really a problem for me, but amusing. They say 60s on Wednesday. Heh.

* * *

I've never understood that, myself, either. People like Jimmy Kimmel say that it's okay to be gay, and they denounce right-wingers as homophobic, so why do they then turn around and try to offend right-wingers by calling them gay?

* * *

So, Sunday night we watched The Last Jedi. It was not as bad as the reviews I'd read had led me to believe it would be, but at that, it just wasn't very good.

Here's my ranking of the extant SW movies:
1&2: Tie, A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back
3: Return of the Jedi
4: The Force Awakens
5: The Last Jedi
6: Revenge of the Sith
7: The Clone Wars
8: The Phantom Menace
I kind of go back and forth on #6 and #7 there; depending on how I feel Clone may be above Revenge, rather than as listed. But once you get to that end of the scale it's academic, really. My main reason for ranking them as I did was that Clone had some dead boring scenes in it, to the point that I was counting the peanut bulbs in the theater aisle rather than watching the movie.

The Last Jedi also had some dead boring scenes in it. That movie was on the order of 30-40 minutes too long, and even as it was thundering towards the climax I found myself thinking, WHEN is this shit going to be OVER?

I tied the first two movies because while Empire Strikes Back was a tour de force of SF moviemaking, it wouldn't have happened without the original movie, and nothing in the whole SW ouerve can compare to that first movie. Empire told a better story, it's true, but that story didn't happen in a vacuum.

And it's been downhill since then; every SW movie made since The Empire Strikes Back has been greatly inferior. (Though my absolute favorite line in any of the movies is when Darth Vader tells Luke, gently, "It is too late for me, son," in Return of the Jedi.)

So, let's have the commentary, in which there are spoilers.

Luke has the best lines in this movie, though. I don't know how it happened; someone slipped up and let some actual characterization shine through. He's colorful in a way that no one else in these newest movies is--not even Han Solo--and to make things even better he's smart about just about everything he does. What happened to him was logical and reasonable, and a damned sight better than what I'd feared they would do to him.

The theme of the movie is "cast off those fusty old traditions and ancient knowledge because the new generation is smarterer and betterer!" Yoda blows up the old tree containing the ancient Jedi wisdom right after Luke decides not to. The major plot points are all about erasing the past and doing new things--but in a bad way, a nihilist way. (Kind of like scrapping generations' worth of morality because one generation thought the Bomb meant the world was going to end soon anyway, so why not?)

Laura Dern's character was just horrifying, a perfect example of toxic feminism. Confronted with a fleet of First Order ships, including the leader's dreadnought, her big plan was to run away a lot, then send unarmed ships to an abandoned Rebel base--which resulted in about 3/4 of the extant Resistance being blown to atoms before making planetfall, and the remainder of them getting wiped out on the planet in a scene reminiscent of the opening attack in Empire Strikes Back, which this movie attempted to emulate as closely as possible. (And failed.)

Okay, when the last few remnants of your grand Resistance can fit into the Millennium Falcon, you've lost, big time.

The entire side trip to the casino planet was a waste of movie time. The subplot with Rose was a waste of film. It was only there to lampshade how fuckin' stupid Laura Dern's turn at commanding the Resistance was.

So: it's the first Star Wars movie that I failed to see in the theater...and I'm not sad at all.
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