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#6163: Well, I definitely have some kind of cold

Scratchy throat all last night and all day today. Some stuffiness. Feels like a bit of chest congestion, but I'm not really sure about that. No real fever, and no sign of swollen glands, so it's probably (only "probably" since I'm not a doctor) some kind of viral URI.

Now, the first night we spent at $Wisconsin_Resort, I had a scratchy throat, but it went away--I wonder if I picked it up there and that was just an initial attempt by my immune system to fight it off?

It'd be nice if this was as bad as it got, but that's not the way to bet.

The thing that really annoys me is that I just came off a course of generic Augmentin for bacterial sinusitis, and now I get a viral URI which will probably touch off another bout of sinusitis. Argh etc.

Well, just have to push through it, I guess.

* * *

Today at work I was given an assignment.

They're closing a warehouse, and opening a new one, and today I was given the task of calling all the affected stores and telling them this, and sending them an email. Most of these stores (if not all of them) already know about this, but it's my job to tell them the particulars, like what their new order and delivery dates and times will be.

Yesterday I got a message in Outlook saying that my boss' boss wanted to have a "chat" with me on Friday, apropos of absolutely nothing, which kind of freaked me out. Oh, they tell me I'm doing a fine job, and the bosses all seem happy with me, and I'm doing my best to be a solution rather than a problem--but even so I'm a contractor, not an employee, and shit happens. It's happened often enough that a "chat" scheduled out of the blue makes me nervous, especially when I'm not given any information on what it's for. I told Mrs. Fungus, "Well, either it's good news, or bad news," but that was only after I'd had several hours to try talking myself out of unreasoning dread. (That almost worked, but I still needed a Xanax at bedtime.)

Them putting me on a project like this one would seem to de-rate the "this might be very bad" possibilities, though, because there's like 100 stores on the first stage of the list I've got to go through. First change happens June 3, but we're starting this in April--that's how big the list is. Doesn't make a lot of sense to give someone a task like this and then, two days later, cut him loose, does it?

95% probability that they're just giving me a performance review of some kind. "You've been here four months now, and here's how you're doing...." kind of thing.

Anyway this project is sudden--the first I knew of it was when the sup in question sent me a message in Outlook scheduling a meeting for early this afternoon--but encouraging, and I think it'll make a nice change of pace.

* * *

The big to-do right now is the lefties trying to get advertisers to pull ads from Laura Ingraham's show on Fox, and of course $Employer is one such company. I've fielded about half a dozen calls from people, only one of whom was trying to say $Employer shouldn't pull their ads.

Me--you all know what I think of all this, but I just want to say to these people, "Look: what we want to do is sell hardware and stuff. We don't care about the political crap." Well, today I saw a message from the CEO himself saying pretty much that, only in a nicer way. $Employer isn't going to pull any ads, nor is it going to buy any new ads. The line that's been laid out is very nicely middle-of-the-road, unapologetic and completely unbiased--which is fine, because the focus is on selling hardware and making money, not picking a side in a political debate.

The instant a company starts worrying more about politics than it does about its main reason for existing, that company is hitting the skids. This is the right tack to take.

* * *

How paranoid is enough? Forget Big Brother; Google is watching you.

* * *

After gun control comes knife control. Also scissors, screwdrivers, files, and various kinds of pliers.

Anti-gun person once told me they'd never ban knives because knives have other uses besides killing people. Uh huh.

* * *

Assuming that the satellite actually didn't make orbit, it wasn't SpaceX's fault after all. But it's a spy satellite and the best result you can get is if everyone thinks it ended up at the bottom of an ocean rather than in orbit....

* * *

My mother used to say this kind of thing all the time.

* * *

Glad it's Tuesday night, though. Wednesday will be busy, but I can sleep after the errands are done.

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