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#6166: Frankenstein Chronicles

So, saw this series on Netflix and checked it out.

It's interesting. Sean Bean plays a detective in 1827 England who's been tasked with finding out who stitched together parts from the bodies of some eight little girls into a...golem...and then dumped it in the Thames, somewhere around Greenwich according to Sean Bean's calculations.

I watched the first season--six episodes--and it's a pretty neat story.

Now there will be spoilers, so stop reading if you don't want them.

Looking at the thing, and seeing that it had two seasons, I thought, "Hey, at least Sean Bean gets to play a character who doesn't get killed!" But he does get killed; in ep six he's hanged for a murder he didn't commit. And then he gets better.

You see, the name of the show is Frankenstein Chronicles and the little-girl-golem they found on the riverbank was a failed experiment, one that was almost successfully reanimated. Sean Bean is the guy's first successful experiment, one that returns to life and stays alive.

Me: Fan-frickin'-tastic.

END SPOILERS I'm wondering what the second season will be like.

* * *

There is an interesting point posed by the events of the story, though: in the original, Frankenstein's monster was a destructive beast--but let's face it, if you'd died and gone to heaven, would you be happy to be dragged back to the land of the living? I don't think so. Maybe the monster was just pissed off beyond comprehension at being torn from paradise and returned to this shithole.

In one of his "Tales From the Draco Tavern" stories, Larry Niven talked about a race of people who'd seriously investigated whether there was an afterlife, and what it was like...and the next time a ship visited that world, all the people there were dead. They'd built gigantic and painless suicide factories--still running--and had marched into them. I always took that to mean that whatever they'd discovered had been so wonderful no one would wait for a natural death, but that's probably not supposed to be the conclusion that the reader comes to. Anyway it was still creepy, even so, and I agreed with the aliens' decision simply to call that world "off-limits" and never, never, ever go there.

* * *

I continue to improve. I wanted to stay home from work today but didn't; there was not a lot of calls or other incoming contacts.

Mainly I just have a cough now, mostly dry. I'm hoping that this means the infection is basically over.

* * *

Well--it's Saturday night and I'm going to relax.

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