atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6167: Because you, on the Earth, are idiots!

Among other things--

Mrs. Fungus, last week, pointed out an item in a catalog of clearance items. It was a set of finished wooden blocks, of various sizes, each one labeled: Mary, Joseph, cow, Jesus, angel, etcetera.

It was a Nativity set. A minimalist Nativity set. On clearance it was $50.


* * *

Kim du Toit gleefully posts one of his annual "train smash women" posts, which depicts various disastrous English women at some big annual function (horse race?). Perhaps halfway down there's a woman in a blue velvet dress which has a neckline that plunges almost to the waist, all the better to show off the horrifyingly fake breasts she has.

I mean, the one on her right side looks as if someone inserted a cereal bowl under her skin.

FFS women, leave them tits alone.

* * *

To my relief, I only had to deal with one caller, yesterday, regarding the ads on Laura Ingraham.

It's so tiresome. It's like, you people are for gun control, and you're upset because she said something you don't like about your little darling commie puppet. And it's obvious that you wouldn't be bothering to call anybody if you hadn't got your marching orders from this or that anti-gun organization.

Look, you asshats: quit wasting everyone's time. If you're going to stop buying from $Hardware_Chain, stop. Post all you want on social media about it, but leave me alone.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus pointed out a series to me, last night, on Hulu. Yet Another Tiresome Baby Boomer Fantasy about some guy time-traveling back to the early 1960s to Save Kennedy. *rolleyes*

Had more than enough of that horseshit with Quantum Leap...and I only ever watched one ep of that. For a little while I was afraid Timeless was going to do that, but thankfully they did not.

* * *

Woke up needing bathroom and food. Having taken care of that, I'm going back to bed for a while.

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