atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6172: Man, the stupid, I tell you--

It occurred to me, today, upon seeing an unmodified Jeep Wrangler, that the poser idiot Jeep I saw yesterday had had its front fenders removed, not just the fender flares, making it extra-special stupid!

* * *

So, there I was, heading out to work, 10 minutes late because reasons. I'm zipping out of town on my usual route, at my usual speed, and I see a police car coming the other way...and in my rear-view I see him swing a U-turn.

Realizing with dismay that I was going 45 where it was still a 35 zone, I prepared for the lights to go on, but they didn't. There was a SUV tailgating me as I passed the 55 speed zone sign, and suddenly he was rocketing past me in the no-passing zone.

Idiot, thought I. He swung into the left turn lane, and then--holy crap, how fast was he going? Because he locked up all four tires trying to slow down to make the turn, and he actually skidded past the turn a bit. Right behind me, police car, lights still not going--WTF--so I gingerly made my turn on the wide side and stopped on the apron of the side street to let the police car go by, the cabin of the Jeep now full of the lovely scent of tire smoke.

Police car stopped behind the now-stopped SUV; the cop still didn't turn the lights on, but just got out and approached the driver's side, hand on gun.

"Well," I said to myself, "I guess I know what today is." A pause. "My lucky day!"

I crawled up to the scene because the driver of the SUV had acted erratically enough that I was afraid he might start shooting or something, and I wanted to be able to stop the truck, jam it in park, and get some fricking mass between me and bullets if need be--but nothing like that happened. I saw, as I rolled past, that the driver of the SUV had dreadlocks.

I don't know what the hell happened there, but whatever it was, stupid git is stupid.

* * *

Left the house 10 minutes late. Because it typically takes me about 45 minutes to get to work, that would have been kind of okay if it hadn't been for the traffic jam that snarled me up an extra 18 minutes. Somehow it all added up such that I got to my desk and logged in exactly at 10:15. Argh etc.


The bathroom temporary fix project didn't happen yesterday--errands got in the way, and then Mrs. Fungus just wanted to go home and sleep, so we did that. I guess we'll see how things shake out.

I'm pretty tired, though. Guess I'll take out the trash and call it a night. After I do some dailies in WoW and write a couple more pages of AV.

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