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#6175: Did that one work?

So, ants in the bathroom--

Every spring, we have to deal with the ants. This house has always had ants, to one extent or another. I remember centuries ago in the Triassic, for Easter, Mom would get a big bone for the dog. Eventually the dog would leave it in the front hall, and then there'd be this carpet of small ants all over it. Summer of 1982-ish, the ants nearly got the better of us when my brother poured a big ant from the milk jug one fine morning.

But careful and judicious use of poison and other methods have kept them at bay lo these many years. Mom liked, every spring, to put down a strong solution of Dawn dish detergent around the foundation, which kept them out, but like an idiot I never learned the formulation of the stuff nor how she applied it. Hence the problem resurfaced.

Mrs. Fungus and I have fought back with ant baits, which tend to alleviate the problem, but slowly.

Last year, someone on-line talked about Terro liquid ant baits, and how they were the best thing ever. I bought some and tried one out in the garage, where ants were actually tunneling into the foam insulation under the siding; the results there were inconclusive.

Then, spring, and with it, ants in the bathroom; I went to the garage the other night and got the Terro baits, and set one in the bathroom.

Two hours later, ants were mobbing the bait, something I have never seen happen before...and 24 hours later, there were virtually none in sight. Now it's been a couple of days since I last saw an ant in the bathroom.

Terro liquid ant baits: highly recommended.

* * *

In Rockford a couple of weeks ago we saw Cirque du Soleil's Corteo, which is the first CdS show Mrs. Fungus ever saw. It's on its farewell tour, so this was our last opportunity to see it.

Like all CdS shows, it was a thing of wonder. Classic circus acts--tumbling, juggling, balancing, swinging, and so forth--but mondernized into something beyond mere acrobatics. I usually end up sitting in my seat with my jaw hanging open at what I'm watching, because it's just so amazing to see. And we had front-row seats, so we're right there, you know.

In one part of the show, they had a little woman (meaning female "little person") hanging from helium balloons, such that she exhibited a very slight negative bouyancy; she'd take a step and hang in the air a good long time. And then the actors pushed her out over the audience; and then the guy in charge of that scene gestured to me and asked me to give her a shove back to the stage. So I stood up and got my hands under her tiny shoes and gave a bit of a boost; mostly I put my hands under the soles of her shoes and lifted slightly while she shoved off.

I was in the show!

All the acts are amazing, but the thing that got me this time was the juggling, three people flinging about a dozen objects at once at each other. I have no idea how a person with one cerebellum can keep track of what's incoming and what's outgoing and get everything on its way on the exact right trajectory, and do it so flawlessly that nary a one gets dropped. But they each know where their hands must be at which time, somehow. Incredible--and even moreso when it's three people who are doing it at once.

It wasn't as visually stunning as Luzia was, nor was it as technical as Dralion, but it was fantastic, even so.

* * *

Had to take a nap after getting home from work. It only amounted to about an hour, but I simply could not keep my eyes open. Well, here's hoping I can sleep in Sunday.

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