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#6176: Earth day, humbug

It'd be awesome if it had decided to snow today.

Anyway the big nonsense coming from climatology now is restoring the environment, that we've upset the "delicate balance" and now we have an obligation to un-upset it, somehow.

As soon as someone can tell me what the optimum and natural temperature for Earth is, I'll be happy to help. Just whip out that incontrovertible data showing that there is a CO2 concentration and temperature which are the "right" ones, and show me a way to get there that doesn't mean people have to reduce their standard of living or freeze in the dark or give control of their lives to government or die in record numbers, and I'll be on board with it.

Hint: just saying that the pre-industrial revolution CO2 concentration of 280 PPM is right is not enough. You need to show me why that number is preferable over every other concentration ever recorded or otherwise found.

...because the CO2 concentrations have varied wildly over Earth's history, and at no time in Earth's past has it ever entered a runaway global warming phase.

Other hit: you must also explain why CO2 concentrations lag temperature changes. Scientifically, using real data, not shit you've made up.

* * *

Saw a link for a YouTube video with the title, "What's hidden in this remote dome can destroy the Earth!!!!!!!1111-oneoone PANIC IN THE STREETS EVERYBODY OHH NOOOO"

...I may have embellished that title jast a bit.

Without actually watching the video--just looking at the thumbnail--I know exactly what they're talking about, and why it is not in fact nearly as dangerous as the title would suggest.

What it is, in fact, is a concrete dome covering a mound of radioactive soil. Unless I misremember, it's where the US did a bunch of atomic bomb tests, and once done with testing they decontaminated the islands--and all the contaminated stuff was landfilled there, under a concrete dome.

If the dome was removed, the contamination would be local and minor. If the stuff was dug out and spread evenly all over the world, the result would be a statistically insignificant rise in cancers.

Do you know how I know this? Because when the stuff was formed, decades ago, it didn't destroy the Earth then. Its radioactivity was much higher then, and the Earth is still here.

Idiots--particularly anti-nuclear idiots--love to point and scream about radioactivity, and they point at any source of radiation and scream hysterically about how dangerous it is...but it's not, most of the time, because you really have to go out of your way to encounter an actual dangerous source of radiation thanks to a) how rare they are and b) how well-regulated they are.

Okay, if you steal a gamma ray source and crack it open, thinking it's something valuable--you're an idiot. But if you take a walk past a dump where they've disposed of low-level waste, and it's not just sitting there out in the open and exposed to the elements, you're not going to die of cancer in the next two months and your chances of contracting any radiation-caused illness won't increase even slightly.

And nearly all radioactive waste is low-level stuff. I guarantee that your risk of cancer is raised more by the smoke detector in your bedroom than it is by the low-level rad waste in the dump three miles from your house. (Or the nuclear power plant ten miles away.)

"Be Amazed" is the name of the poster. I am--amazed that people are such idiots and don't know a damned thing about radiation and nuclear power.

* * *

Well, that oil ain't gonna change itself. *sigh*

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