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#617: Boortz and other stories

I'm not going to try to link to Boortz's "pointy hand thingies" again, so I'll just refer to the whole damn page.

Boortz is a libertarian. He's got some opinions I don't agree with. But more often than not I find myself nodding when reading "Nealz Nuze", and I've linked to it a bunch of times.

He starts with a discussion of Marxism and public education in the US, which is long but a good read. He posts an example of real bias in the mainstream media--a reduction in troop casualties in Iraq is "not news" because "it's just the beginning of a trend" but a sudden increase would be news?

Muslim medical students don't want to learn how to treat STDs or alcohol-related illnesses, because they're against their religion. Oh yeah, that makes me want a muslim doctor! WTF!

He includes a six-question "quiz" which I won't spoil for you. But it's awesome.

And now onto the links.

This one I got from Boortz today but it deserves its own link and discussion.

I used to listen to Limbaugh all the time. Somewhere along the line I stopped, for a couple of reasons. First, I was broken of the habit by getting a job in a big grounded metal box, in an area where he was only broadcast on AM. I worked at Rockwell-Collins for a total of six years in various capacities and most of the time it was in the huge factory technoplex, buildings 105-106-107-108, which are--as I said--big grounded metal boxes. By the time I was moved to building 120, I was out of the habit; and when I was in building 153, a stone's throw from an actual window (which I couldn't see through the walls of my cubible) I had stopped thinking, even, about listening to the radio while at work. Most of my coworkers were right-side-of-moderate-to-conservative in their politics, so listening to Limbaugh wouldn't have gotten me lynched by coworkers. But I had the ability to make CDs, so I was usually listening to anime music or whatever while banging away on my keyboard.

Second, his show isn't as much fun without liberals in power.

(I don't listen to Boortz, either. I don't know if he's on in Chicago; I expect he is but I don't really care.)

The important point here is that we have politicians calling for political measures against citizens. (Sorry, guys; Limbaugh is just a guy on the radio.)

Tom Harkin says it's just Limbaugh being on drugs again. (If it was George W. Bush saying that, oh, "maybe Michael Moore just ate too many cheeseburgers again", can you imagine the shitstorm that would come from the Left?) Then again, I'm not sure what's going on in Iowa. Tom Harkin is a moron, yet Iowans consistently re-elect him--the same Iowans who consistently re-elect Chuck Grassley, who's got his head screwed on correctly. (The same Iowans who elected Tom Nutsack Vilsack, who took a $1 billion budget surplus and turned it into consistent budget deficits while the economy was booming.)

Anyway, so now the Democrats are taking Limbaugh's comments out of context--big surprise--and lambasting him for "not supporting the troops".

These are the same Democrats who say that it's patriotic to protest the war. Okay.

If anyone ever needs to see an example of Orwell's "NewSpeak" in action, all they really have to do is look at the Democrat Party over the past, oh, eight years.


Zimbabwe! It's been a while since I last did a Zimbabwe post. Mostly the news out of the Big Z has been "more of the same" but this one is too good to pass up.

"Ed, why do you even give a rat's ass about Zimbabwe? You're white, non-African, and your family tree has roots in Germany. To you, Zimbabwe is a pisspot little country in a continent on the other side of the world which doesn't really have anything to do with you whatsoever, so why do you have so much interest in its internal affairs?"

Because Zimbabwe is a case study in socialism and political correctness, that's why!

Robert Mugabe has forcibly taken land from white farmers and given it to black farmers--primarily political cronies of his--who had no interest in working the land nor experience nor training in same...and the end result is that a net exporter of food has now become a net importer of food.

Mugabe's other policies have utterly ruined the economy of his fief. 6,000% inflation, for one thing; rampant poverty, unemployment, crime, etc, etc--all the wonderful and inevitable results of socialism. Forget "stuck on stupid"; Mugabe is safety-wired to the stupid position.

And that article--oh, how beautifully it makes the point!

In a nation where you have poor people trying to kill a stray giraffe so they can eat it, farmers are arrested

for growing food

because they are WHITE.

There are a few hundred white white farmers remaining in Zimbabwe, it seems, and this group of farmers was arrested for disobeying the Sept. 30 deadline for the last whites to leave their farms.
Didymus Mutasa, the lands minister, has said that the few hundred remaining white farmers will be forced out, one way or another.

"The position is that food shortages or no food shortages, we are going ahead to remove the remaining whites," he said recently. "Too many blacks are still clamouring for land and we will resettle them on the remaining farms."

In fact many farms were given to members of the government and their cronies, and one minister has admitted that the new farmers have failed in their cultivation efforts.

Outside the court, the scruffy shops of Chegutu were empty of basic foods, and street vendors sold small, sour oranges.

They came from a once-prolific citrus farm in the district now devastated after it was seized by Bright Matonga, the deputy information minister, earlier this year.
And this has been going on for seven years.

Of course, those in power in Zimbabwe aren't the ones who are going hungry. A stupid, racist policy has utterly ruined the economy of the country but they're going to finish it, by gum, whether it makes sense or not!

I've been following this issue since 1999, and the inevitable conclusion of the saga must be some kind of revolution--probably Marxist, fed by money and materiel from somewhere else, probably China...and it's only a matter of time.

Yeah: the solution to the problems caused by socialism? More socialism! Yeah!

It's a case study, is what it is.

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