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#6179: I highly doubt it.

If this is true, why is gas $3 a gallon again? This kind of increase in oil and fuel stockpiles does not happen overnight. You don't wake up one morning after three months of gas creeping ever upwards from $2.60 a gallon and suddenly, "Well, slap my grits and call me breakfast," you have huge inventories. Those inventories have to come from somewhere--they have to be produced--and if there is a "record high" they must have built up to that point.

Instead of rising, the price of gasoline should have been falling. Yet somehow now--"unexpectedly", of course--now there's a big inventory of the stuff. Seemingly out of nowhere.

I have noticed that the price of gas has been jerking around, up and down, since before Easter, but it's never gone below about $2.65.

I keep thinking, "Hey, we elected Trump, so why does gas cost so much?" Part of it is that his reforms have resulted in an economy which is doing better than it ever did during the Obama years. Better economy equals greater need for energy, which means gas costs more. But hopefully the increased production will offset that and keep it from getting "George W. Bush administration" nuts. If I have to pay $4.50 a gallon for gas, it's going to be troublesome, given my commute. It's bad enough at $3 a gallon, thanks.

* * *

American leftists scoffed at Sarah Palin when she talked about "death panels", but they did that because they had absolutely no other answer. And that's because death panels are a fact of socialized medicine.

Under socialized medicine, the state decides whether your critically ill child lives or dies. The state won't even let you take your child elsewhere, to a place which is willing to help him, if it decides your child is to die.

* * *

I wish I could say I was surprised by this, but I'm not. So a kid from that school (the one in Florida that got shot up by a maniac who should have already been in jail) goes to a gun range with his father and posts on Twitter about it. The otherwise do-nothing sheriffs--the same ones who did nothing while the school was being shot up--immediately descend on him and interrogate him for three hours.

You see, they've got to make themselves look tough, because there are so many examples of them failing to stop an actual shooter. If they had taken this hard line with what's-his-face, the shooting might have been prevented--but they didn't do that for whatever reason.

Now they have an example that can be made! Look at that kid who's saying positive things about the second amendment! He might be the next school shooter! We'd better surround him with three cops and intimidate him for three hours to make sure he doesn't do anything illegal!

...knowing, of course, that this kid is a law-abiding citizen who has shown no signs of being trouble.

That's how that kind of cop operates. They're bullies. They swagger around in their uniforms and bulletproof vests and gun belts and act tough, and have no trouble ganging up three-on-one on an unarmed and compliant teenager; but the instant someone starts shooting, they're nowhere to be found. There's gunfire inside the school, and the big man deputy who is supposed to be protecting the unarmed kids in the gun-free zone is hiding behind his car in the parking lot.

* * *

Welp, it's Wednesday, and you know what that means. Chores and errands. Whee!

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