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#6181: I am going to admit that I didn't even CONSIDER this aspect of the story.

This kind of thing is why I read Karl Denninger. He overuses typographic emphasis to a fault, but when he's right--phew, he's right.

Ford is cutting cars out of its lineup because the EPA regulations for trucks are less strict.

That makes so much sense it almost completely obliterates my discussion of the issue. (Denninger does throw me a bone, though: "See, trucks and SUVs have a (much) higher profit margin. This means you pay more and get less. The company gets more, you spend more, you get less." Emphasis removed.)

* * *

Vox Day points out that what Trump has managed in Korea--both of them--is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. And of course it's a laugh and a half to suggest that Trump will get anywhere near winning one. The committee couldn't wait for Obama to do anything; they gave him one solely because he was black and elected President. But the bar is much higher for right-wing Presidents. Basically, in order to win a Nobel Peace Prize, Trump would have to permanently eliminate all war everywhere, ever--even the ones that already happened.

* * *

Westworld is back, and the first ep was pretty good.

Finished the third season of Broadchurch. Mrs. Fungus ended up watching it with me; she didn't like the conclusion. I quite liked it and hope fervently for another season.

* * *

Cold rain as I was leaving work, big splatty drops that felt like sleet but weren't. Might as well have been; they felt cold enough. It started a pleasant spring day; it ended pretty raw. Didn't help when the forecast on the radio said "Rain ending by 8!" when I left work, then "Rain ending by midnight!" just as I was getting home. Argh etc.

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