atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#618: For the love of Spam!

It's insidious!

ccarson31 is advertising WAREZ! Can he do that? I guess he can!

Carole Kenney is telling me about Rose's intense cock! But I'm not interested in she-males!

Carrie Munoz flogs a dead dolphin!

Chance Craig, how about my good self? How about yours? Mine's fine!

Fuck hard can't control himself!

aikido-jl sullies the name of my favorite martial art by using it as a spam username! I think I hate him! Besides, he only gives me 10 seconds to check out the games! I think he's a jerk!

Felipe Higgins should watch out for truth in advertising! If I download his entire casino, I'd better get $2400 richer!

I'm doing my all to set a personal best for "greatest number of exclamation points in an Atomic Fungus post"! I think I won! It means that this post is punctuated like an American comic! That's cool!

The only way it could be better would be if it were all-caps and used bold type for emphasis! But that's too much like shouting! I won't do that!

See you all later!

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