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#6186: There is no common thread but WTF

Congresscritters complain that they can't afford apartments in DC.

My problem here is that if you serve more than a term or two in Congress--either the House or the Senate--you can then retire to a life of luxury, rich beyond dreams of avarice, solely because of the contacts you made and the campaign donations you received. (Used to be that a congresscritter could convert his "war chest" to his own personal fortune upon retirement. I don't know if they can still do that, but in absence of news about that law changing....)

What I would like to see--and as long as I'm dreaming, a winning $500 million Powerball ticket would be nice--would be for our Constitution to ban all that horseshit. You get the stated salary, no more; campaign contributions for all candidates and parties must be spent in the year they're received, else they default to a common campaign fund to be shared equally to anyone running for public office. (Well, federal level, anyway.) Housing would be provided, but it would be a dormitory (individual rooms) on par with a decent motel--not "five star first class" digs but like an ordinary hotel chain. Congressvermin could live elsewhere, but it would be entirely on their own dime and they wouldn't get any credit for not using the dormitory.

It won't ever happen, of course, but that would take a lot of the money out of being congress-scum.

* * *

I can't really tell. The outer window in an airplane is the one that holds the pressure, and it looks as if it's the outer window that cracked, but I can't really tell from those pictures.

* * *

Stick your request where the sun don't shine, anus. Europe can demand an unconditional end to tariffs all it wants, but we're not beholden to them, and the correct response to a demand like that is to extend one's middle finger.

* * *

As always, the richest socialists manage not to suffer any of the effects of their socialism. Rich Venezuelan socialists bugged out when things started going bad, and now they're living high on the hog in Florida.

Same people who, no doubt, insulted the US the way socialists always do, hypocrisy being an essential component of socialism. Honestly, we ought to eject those fuckers and send 'em back to Venezuela.

* * *

The war on drugs is an abject failure and we should stop trying. Making possession of drugs even more extra-special illegal isn't going to do anything that making them illegal and extra-illegal did.

* * *

Yesterday, I talked big about everything I wanted to do today. Today, I think I might get one thing done from my to-do list. *sigh*

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