atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6188: Making myself feel better

Today was an odd day. Went to work, worked on the project, had pot luck for lunch (office was celebrating May 5 on May 3) and then came home tired. Made spaghetti, and Mrs. Fungus and I watched the latest ep of Gotham.

* * *

Ordered glasses last night. $60 shipped, about 20% of what the wrong frigging RX did from Lens Crafters, and they're virtually identical to the frames I have now, only not-broken. (I am tempted, in fact, to buy a couple of extra pairs with zero RX lenses; the frames are $16....)

* * *

Cooler today, and rainy.

Funny thing: I still haven't gotten around to putting the new exhaust mounts in the Jeep. The coat hangar wire that I wrapped around the pipe the last time it got the danglies is still holding it up; the made-for-the-purpose metal strapping that I had used for the first two jimmy-rigs didn't last more than a month each.

Guess you can't beat the classics.

Still: need to dig into that project one of these days. I'm not sure when, though. Getting the rear brakes fully functional, and replacing the front shocks, is much more important.

* * *

Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm hoping to finish the last of the special project at work tomorrow. I have a bit more than a day's work remaining on it.

If anyone asks how I like it, my response will be, "Well, it's a nice change of pace." I'm going to say that because it's a very positive statement that reveals absolutely nothing about how I really feel about this project, which is that I really don't like doing the "outbound call" thing, even when I'm just calling people to let them know what to expect when one warehouse closes and another one opens.

* * *


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