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#6192: Why the everlasting--

Absolutely no motivation or energy today. I suppose the sunny, pleasantly cool weather had something to do with it. I had intended to get the grass cut today, but all I ended up doing today was sleeping a lot.

Got up around 8-ish and had a PBJ, then was back in bed until after noon. Got up and sat here, doing a pre-blog surf, but found nothing I had the energy to comment on; went outside with Mrs. Fungus and Maki (who was on a leash) and ambled around the back yard a bit. Then went back to bed and slept for a little while longer.

Got up around 6-ish and hit the driveway. Dug out the pusher; at this point I only had time for the front and sides. Checked oil and gas, all okay, hit the start button. Whirrrrrrrrrrrr.

Sigh. Whirrrrrrrrrrrr.

Do that three times.

Get screwdriver and squirt some gas down the carb throat. Whirrrrrrrrrrrr vrummmmmmcough. Whirrrrrrrrrrrr.

To truncate the rest of the story, I ended up having to pull the carb and clean it again. I did that last year. This thing's a Toro Recycler 22 and it's proudly emblazoned with a sticker claiming, "Guaranteed to start!" As far as I can tell there is no fine print, but I've had it for two years and both years I had to pull the carb and clean it to get it running the first time I wanted to cut the grass. WTF.

Anyway, once it was running, I cut the front and sides. *sigh*

* * *

I agree, this kind of person is everything that's wrong with modern society. "So, passionate, demanding, unthinkingly profane, incapable of expressing himself beyond a few trite phrases and expletives and IGNORANT. He's a one-man microcosm of modern political activism."

One of my bugaboos is people who pepper their conversation with cuss words in company--which is to say, when it's you and your significant other at home or in the car by yourselves, you can swear like sailors if you want to; but when you are in the company of others, particularly strangers, you should watch your language.

We used to have standards for polite society; those standards have been so badly eroded in the last fifty years that they barely exist at all any longer. I mean, I cannot imagine my Dad putting up with someone saying "fuck" 14 times in a one-minute period in front of his family in, say, 1978--but it wasn't necessary for him to say anything about it because it simply wasn't done. If there were women around, or especially children, people simply watched their mouths and moderated their language.

When I think about how much we've lost in the last 40 years, I get depressed. It's not a good sign.

* * *

This man has a gun! I really like this idea.

Look: anti-gun celebrities are protected by men with guns, because it's not the guns themselves they hate so much as the idea that individuals should be trusted with them. Those on the left think that the masses are a bunch of drooling idiots who must be cared for by the smart enlightened people, ie the left. They are, of course, wrong, and a bunch of hypocrites to boot.

Our side should use that latter bit against them. If you are confronted by an armed bodyguard at one of these anti-gun rallies, you can quite truthfully announce, "This man has a gun!" and be well within the constitutional limits on the scope of the First Amendment. You're not lying--you are indeed facing a man who has a firearm on him--and in the middle of an anti-gun protest just imagine the foo-raw it would cause!

If that kind of thing happened every time a celebrity or politician spoke out at a lefty rally--

* * *

I'm trying to track down my license key for Torchlight, but it's difficult.

Normally I'll save a copy of it to my hard drive, one way or another, but apparently I did not do that this time. $5 says there's an old email somewhere in my archives, that I no longer have access to because the computer that it was on used a version of Outlook that the current version doesn't like.


Well, a new key is $15. But I'd rather not spend it if I don't have to, so I've got an email in to the company to see if they can help me. If not, I've not lost anything.

Could be worse.

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