atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6193: Aiggh

So: after getting up at 6 AM to be at work at 8 AM, working 10 hours, and coming home, what is the first thing I did?

Change my shoes, so I could go outside and cut the back grass.

The grass is now cut to the tree line; Wednesday I hope to cut the East 40--but I'll get the tractor out for that. I'll have to dig it out; it's entombed in a winter's worth of other stuff.

And I am so out of shape I'm winded from following a self-propelled mower around the yard for, what, 15, 20 minutes? *sigh*

* * *

Somebody explain to me exactly what office of government John F'in' Kerry is executing. Because as far as I know, he is not in any office, but is a private citizen.

Private citizens do not have any business going to foreign countries and trying to "save" deals brokered by formerly elected officials which the sitting officials are now undoing. There is even a law against it, the Logan Act.

Someone explain to me why John F'in' Kerry was not arrested by the FBI or someone the instant he got back to the United States.

* * *

The fact is, there is no case against Trump and everyone knows it. The FBI redacted a bunch of information; forced to unredact it, the FBI is shown (in the newly-revealed text) to be trying to cover its own incompetence and bias.

Do know what the difference between McCarthy and Mueller is? When McCarthy was doing it, there really were russian spies all over the place.

* * *

Work 10 hours, cut grass, cook dinner--yep, that's life. But it's not bad, you know?

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