atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6197: Well, I was right about that.

From this Fungus post, August 4,2007:
When I was 20, a typical hard drive stored 40 MB. When I was 30, a typical hard drive stored 4 GB. And now I'm 40, and they're storing upwards of 400 GB. How much will hard drives store when I'm 50? When I'm 60? How about when I'm 80, my mother's age? It looks like it expanded about a hundredfold per decade, so if the progression continues, when I'm 50 they'll store 4 TB; at 60, 400 TB; and at 80, 40 exabytes.
Going over to Tiger Direct, I can see that a 4 TB drive is indeed around $140, when--in 2007--I paid $160 for a 500 GB drive. And that same $160 today will buy you a 500 GB SSD, which is a whole lot faster than the 500 GB HDD was.

And the dollars are worth less, to boot.

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