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#6198: Everyone has days like this

So, left at my usual time. On my way up, a sign cautioned, "CRASH IN LEFT LANE 11 1/2 MILES AHEAD" but it didn't say which highway (I was driving on a combined one at that point). Well, it became obvious pretty soon which highway it was; and I proceeded to take some forty-five minutes to travel about a half-dozen miles.

Something involving a semi, I saw eventually; fuel had spilled all over the highway, the tractor was mangled so badly it barely had a front end, and the trailer had ruptured: it was a parallelogram \_\ instead of a rectangle |_|. They were at the tail end of the cleanup; it must've been much worse earlier. The whole area stank of diesel fuel.


She's watching some show or another when she hears this "snuff snuff munch crunch snuff munch" and when she looked on the patio, there was a possum eating the ancient (circa November) pistachios that she'd put out earlier. Apparently it was a very large possum. I didn't see it, though.

HERE CONCLUDES THE BIT ABOUT THE POSSUM. WE NOW RETURN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOVATION. to work 45 minutes later than scheduled. It typically takes me 45 minutes to get there, and I was there 45 minutes after that time. Argh etc.

Proceeded to have a day which I can charitably describe as "busy", to the point that I was losing my mind sometime around noon. (Still, the worst day there is better than the best day at the old place.) But I got through it with my sanity intact, and drove home--and ended up collapsing in bed for a little while.

* * *

There are few ways to mitigate this. The simple fact is that when you have a very large battery, if it short-circuits, there's going to be a fire--and that fire will last as long as there are electrons seeking a lower energy state. You can't avoid it.

This is a hazard of electric cars; some of them will get into wrecks, and some of those wrecks will be severe enough to compromise the integrity of the batteries. If the batteries are highly energy-dense, they will burn and possibly even explode if severely damaged.

You cannot fix this. There is simply no way to prevent it; a typical lithium ion battery stores an enormous potential, and like everything in the universe that potential seeks a lower energy state. And any step you take to reduce the hazard will result in a less-efficient battery.

Safer batteries, which don't burn and blow up, contain less energy. How far will your Tesla go if equipped with lead-acid batteries instead of lithium ion? And even lead-acid batteries can burn if they're shorted badly enough.

* * *

You know why? Because everyone knows that deal is dead if the United States pulls out of it. Obama's Iran nuke scam isn't a bilateral agreement between the US and Iran--it includes Europe and some others--but the US deciding not to be a part of it just guts the whole thing, and everyone knows it.

Sad to say, though--if you enact something through an executive order, then the next guy in office can un-enact it with another executive order. But that stupid scam couldn't pass muster as a treaty, which is why Obama didn't go that route.

* * *

Sitting in traffic for 45 minutes, I did not notice the Jeep's engine stumbling. I did at stoplights on the way home. Oh well.

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