atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6200: New glasses, finally

$60 from Zenni Optical, $128 for the eye exam from a place I trust to get it right (the place Og suggested lo these many years ago) and I've got nice new glasses which look almost exactly the same as my last ones.

No--not the same. These lenses are thin. This is some high-index lens material, here.

These are going to take some getting used to, but the RX is 100% accurate (unlike LensCrafters) and I didn't pay an arm and a leg for them (ibid).

* * *

All we need is a law saying that drugs have to cost here what they cost elsewhere in the world. In other words, a drug that costs $15 in India cannot cost $20,000 here, but must cost $15.

If you need a blueprint with a flow chart to explain how your plan works, it's too complicated and it's designed to let the drug companies continue to charge exorbitant prices for cheap products.

* * *

Not surprisingly, the left is going all Lamarckian again. This from people who claim to "fucking love" science.

* * *

Funny thing about the new glasses: the RX is not vastly different from the old ones, but because the lenses are different I'm still having to get used to them. Just the fact that these lenses are thinner is an issue.

The RX is actually a little weaker than my last pair, because as I get older my nearsightedness is being mitigated by the farsightedness of age. Not as much as I'd hoped when I first heard about that effect--in four years I've lost half a diopter from my prescription--but oh well.

Can't beat the price, and I'm happy with 'em.

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