atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6202: Stuff comes to mind

For Apocalyptic Visions I find myself thinking of what needs to happen next, so I can finish the stupid story already.

Go to thinking about one of the characters and his motivations. He's a character I do not often focus on, because he's a royal pain in the ass--but I'm starting to understand him better and I think I can use what I've learned.

* * *

Epic bad traffic today, for the second time in as many weeks. This time it wasn't a major truck wreck, but mere weather that caused it: torrential rains moving through the area caused a 10-mile stretch to slow to about 30 MPH, with the result that I got to work 15 minutes late, after leaving 7 minutes early.

Considering that it's a 45-minute drive? Add 15 additional minutes (because I was due on the hour, should have arrived 15 minutes ahead of that time, and instead arrived 15 minutes behind)( and you have a thirty-seven minute traffic jam.

Because it rained. *sigh*

Really wish I could work from home....

And it was an overtime day, to boot, so I was there for ten hours. But that's all right; I'm going to do a little WoW and then go to bed. Idealy I'd like to be in bed by 11:30; we'll see how I do.

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